When You See What She Rubs on Her Face, You Will Do the Same! The Result Is Amazing!

This is a real life story about a 40 year old man who was diagnosed with a rare type of eye cancer.

The anonymous man went to a doctor to complain about his vision problems. He could not see clearly from his left eye.

It was discovered that the albumen of his eye was red due to a serious injuries, caused by using a mobile phone in a dark room. Namely, he used his mobile phone every night before going to bed for at least half an hour, or more.  This habit damaged his eye and resulted in visual shortcomings and signs of eye cancer.

Because a replacement of the retina is extremely difficult, the doctors couldn’t do anything at this point.

According to scientific studies, the blue light that comes from your mobile screen, and shine directly in your eyes can accelerate the death of the retina cells and in that way affect your vision.

Keep in mind to avoid using your mobile phone in the dark and minimize your phone time before going to sleep. In this way you can protect your eyes!

Watch the video below to learn how to make the perfect honey baking soda face scrub.

source: http://justnaturaladvice.com/index.php/2017/02/20/see-rubs-face-will-result-amazing-video/#

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