Amazing Benefits Of Guava Leaves!

Guava leaves might seem entirely useless but the health benefits are quite numerous. They contain high amounts of vitamin C, Vitamin A, healthy fibers, potassium and also lycopene. Some of these health benefits include the following:

• Reducing Cholesterol – The body contains both bad and good cholesterol. The bad cholesterol is responsible for heart attacks, diabetes and numerous other health issues. Guava leaves can help reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the body.

• If you make tea out of guava leaves, you can treat bad coughs as well as bronchitis. The tea sooths the lungs and esophagus thus bringing the much needed relief.

• For people with allergies, crushed guava leaves can be applied to the itching area to bring the best relief. On the other hand, the crushed leaves are perfect for reducing inflammation resulting from insect bites.

• They are also perfect for regenerating lost hair. Start by boiling the leaves then allow them to cool down to room temperature. Massage your scalp with the solution to allow regeneration of hair and also prevent any further hair loss.

• Guava leaves can also assist in weight loss. That’s because the tea prevent carbohydrates from turning into sugar thereby suppressing your appetite. Eventually, by eating less calories you will be able to shed off the extra pounds.

• Are you having a stomach upset? Are you currently suffering from a bout of food poisoning? Well, you should try some guava leaves tea to reduce the symptoms. It’s also perfect for the treatment of diarrhea and dysentery, thanks to the antimicrobial properties found in the leaves.

• The ingredients of guava leaves tea can also assist in alleviating the symptoms associated with cancer as well as enlarged prostate. Also, it’s perfect for men suffering from fertility problems.

• Since the leaves contain Vitamin C, the tea is perfect for treating acne, zits, pimples or any other marks on your face. Crushed guava leaves can also be applied on minor cuts, abrasions or scrapes to prevent infection. If the tea is allowed to cool down, it can also be used to treat outer ear infections.

• Other health benefits of guava leaves include the treatment of dengue, diabetesrelieving toothaches, oral sores, inflamed gums, removing blackheads on the skin, preventing premature aging and much more.
Guava leaves can be utilized for many reasons. With a list of the health benefits outlined above, you should start preparing guava leaves tea as soon as possible.

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