Illegal Alien Rapes Girl, Cops Horrified By What Else He Did During Attack!

BREAKING: CIVIL WAR About To ERUPT After What Just Happened In Sanctuary City

Las Vegas is starting to look like a sanctuary city, despite not being named one. They have been too lenient on illegal immigrants.

Patriots, this is despicable and disgusting. Do we deport him and run the risk of him returning, or do we prosecute him to the full extent of the law?

The mainstream media is neglecting to mention that this man is an illegal immigrant. They have completely dodged that fact. Why are they so dedicated to protecting these illegal immigrants?

The mainstream media has a serious problem. They continuously hide relevant facts from the public. These illegal immigrants are getting away with the worst of crimes.

We need to hold the media accountable for their deceit. They need to answer to the public about their lies. Thank goodness we have Donald Trump to call out the fake news.

The Left hates to hear the truth about illegal immigration. They hate it when conservatives point out the obvious truth about illegal immigrants. We need to crack down on illegal immigration to protect our children and communities.

After eight years of Obama, illegal immigration has hit a critical mass. We can no longer afford to harbor illegal immigrants in this country, especially when they commit horrible crimes. We need to build that wall.

Donald Trump is going to build that wall, and we will protect our citizens from these awful criminals. The Left hates this — they are in full panic mode. The Left would rather import votes than keep Americans safe. It is so sad, but it is so true. Liberals will do anything to undermine Trump and our country.

Unfortunately, it isn’t just the Left that wants to keep our borders weak. The RINOs also don’t want to build that wall. The RINOs are globalists that would rather convert illegal immigrant voters to Republican than keep them out altogether.

We need to replace the RINOs with true conservatives. We need to protect our borders, and we need to hold the media accountable for hiding the truth from us. With Donald Trump in office, we will build that wall and keep our country safe!

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