Breaking NEWS: 175 Lawsuits Filed Against CNN For Sickening Crime… Everyone Stunned!

Breaking NEWS: 175 Lawsuits Filed Against CNN For Sickening Crime… Everyone Stunned!

“Hypocrisy” is the mainstream media’s most obvious quality. The media is so quick to call someone a “racist,” but what happens when they are the racists?

CNN is currently facing such a dilemma. CNN is currently facing a massive racial discrimination lawsuit with several claims against them, including that African-Americans get lower performance evaluations and are paid less than other races. Yikes!

Patriots, to give you a better look at the obvious media bias here, the article we received this fact from tears into Fox News for similar allegations, even though it isn’t relevant to the headline. The mainstream media cannot help themselves.

Regardless of the obvious bias, CNN is facing a huge problem. They are dealing with a serious discrimination lawsuit, despite the fact that they hold themselves out as some kind of “equality” champion. The irony is so blunt that it’s funny.

The mainstream media consists of leftists. They are all liberals; even the Republicans are liberals in the media. Like a liberal would say, the media needs to “check their privilege.” They are the real racists, and they continue to silence conservative voices.

The mainstream media should be held accountable. People at CNN should be fired for this, because people are routinely fired at Fox News for far less than that. We need to hold the Left accountable for their lies.

CNN should be in full panic mode right now. They should be doing damage control, but their allies are protecting them. These stories routinely get buried by their fellow bloggers and media companies. It is so sad to see the truth attacked by these liberals.

Thank goodness Trump has called out the fake media. They really are “fake” news. We should be grateful we have such a brave president to publicly attack these liars. With Trump in office, we can finally see home honesty.

Could you imagine if Hillary was president? She would probably use her office to attack conservative voices. Wasn’t it alleged that Obama did that by weaponizing the IRS through Lois Lerner?

After eight years of Obama, our government has become bloated and sluggish. With Trump in office, we can finally start to see the government trimmed back and ran efficiently. The only government that runs smoothly is a small government.

The Left doesn’t understand why big government is bad. They would rather see government run everything, but that spits in the face of free market capitalism, which is one of the many things that makes our country great.

The mainstream media needs to be exposed, so this story needs to be shared. We cannot allow CNN to walk away from this lawsuit without answering for it. It’s only fair, especially after what they did to Bill O’Reilly, which was based on unproven claims.

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