BREAKING: Major NATO Ally Threatens Military STRIKE Against U.S. Forces. Trump Is Furious.

BREAKING: CIVIL WAR About To ERUPT After What Just Happened In Sanctuary City

After suffering through eight years of Obama, global relations have plummeted, and we have now have potential new enemies.

One of these potential new enemies is a so-called “ally.” A senior official from Turkey threatened to target U.S. military troops if they were alongside the Kurds in the ongoing Turkish conflict. Wow! (via Washington Times)

The Turkish government just suggested attacking American troops. The Turkish government just crossed the line, and unlike Obama, Trump follows through on enforcing his red lines. We cannot allow our allies to push us around and threaten us.

The mainstream media is hardly touching this story because they don’t understand global affairs, but this is a big deal. Our ally is suggesting an attack on American troops. That fact speaks for itself. What has happened in the world?

It is obvious: Obama ruined foreign relations. If he had been tougher, our so-called “allies” would be actual allies. We cannot allow the Turks to stomp on our fellow Americans. This is unacceptable.

Instead of focusing on this new threat, the mainstream media is lying about the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory. They have no shame. We need to hold the media accountable for their actions, and they cannot get away hiding the truth.

The Left is too busy protesting to acknowledge what is happening around the world. It is troubling that they would rather protest than engage in public discourse. Thank goodness we elected Donald Trump to push back against the Democrats.

We need to remain vigilant against the extremist Democrats and the RINOs. The swamp is constantly lashing out against Trump. We need to elect more true conservatives.

Trump has excelled at foreign policy, and the Left cannot handle it. They are too busy making up rumors about Putin or insulting Trump’s successful children. The Democrats are truly obstructionists.

Trump is too busy keeping our country safe from terrorists and our enemies. The Turks need to back off, and they need to respect our nation. We will not accept these extremist threats.

Trump is dealing with Syria, North Korea, Iran, and now Turkey, while the radical Left is launching domestic attacks against the Republicans and Trump. We need to support our Trump against these liberals.

With Trump as president, we will not allow our allies to push around. We will not allow our enemies to attack us or bully us. We will make our country great again.

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