WATCH: Sen. Warren Caught On Video Saying Something Revolting. She Wants This Hidden.

WATCH: Sen. Warren Caught On Video Saying Something Revolting. She Wants This Hidden.

When will Senator Elizabeth Warren learn that she only makes things worse for herself — and her entire party — each time she opens her mouth?

According to the Washington Examiner, during a gathering at the EMILY’s List gala in Washington, D.C. Warren said, “I wonder if America will ever be ready for a male president again.” WOW. Apparently, she was referring to the sentiment that everyone is supposed to be feeling now that Trump has been in office for 100 days and has three years to go.


The mind-numbing hypocrisy of this statement will give you a great idea as to what the current mindset is on the Left. They will look you in the face, tell you that you are a racist, bigot, and MISOGYNIST while, at the same exact time, they will tell you that we are not ready for a male president. Misandry at its absolute finest.

If you try to argue with them and say “HEY, YOU ARE BEING A HYPOCRITE!” you will get shouted down and belittled by the rabid Left. It does not make sense to us that they are okay with being the same thing that they have been whining and crying about for years: bullies.

What exactly is Warren’s beef with Trump? Why does he affect the fate of ALL MEN as president? What would happen if Hillary got elected and we said, “We wonder if America will ever be ready for another female president again?”

Oh, we know what would happen. There would be riots. People would get hurt, possibly killed. All in the name of freedom and protecting from hate. People would be carrying WOMEN’S LIVES MATTER signs. And the mythical “wage gap” would surely come up.

President Trump should be thrilled that he made it through these charades. He is now on top of the game, and the ramblings of Warren will not have an impact on his presidency. Trump has done a fine job at ensuring that our safety and happiness is first priority. He followed through with the promises he made to us. The ones that he did not complete but attempted were blocked by the Left, such as the BIG, BAD, and SCARY travel ban!

It is clear that the Left couldn’t care less about the patriots of this country. They only care about their agenda and have no regard for who gets in the way. It is a sad state of affairs. The good news is, they make it so easy to identify their insanity that they can’t get out of it — especially when spoken out loud, like Warren’s statement.

We are winning this fight, and President Trump has helped make that possible. His distrust of the liberal mainstream media, his “screw PC” attitude, and his ability to make liberals self-destruct on contact make him the ideal person to lead the fight against this group of illogical bullies.

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