Judge Jeanine Pirro’s Show, ‘You the Jury’ Cancelled!`

This has been a dramatic few weeks for Fox News. With so many high-profile departures and popular host Bill O’Reilly losing his job, there has been a major shakeup at the network due to sexual harassment allegations. Questions were raised about Sean Hannity’s tenure at Fox News, and this quarter’s ratings are on the decline.

Now, there’s big news about Fox host Judge Jeanine Pirro. She also stars on Fox’s You The Jury reality show, a life interactive courtroom show.

But Fox just cancelled Judge Pirro’s show, due to low ratings! Now, after only two aired episodes, it’s off the air.

You the Jury, in which viewers were to serve as trial jurors in civil cases, opened with a 1.5 million viewers and 0.38 adults 18-49 rating (Live+same day) on Friday, April 7, slipping to 1.2 million and 0.27 in its second and final outing on April 14. Beginning April 21, Fox has been airing Lethal Weapon in the Friday 9 PM time slot, which will continue.

Launching successful new reality series has been elusive across the board and particularly at Fox, once a leader in the space with American Idol, which ended its run last spring, and the Gordon Ramsey series, which continue to draw respective ratings.

As for live unscripted series, You the Jury joins such short-lived previous attempts in the space as ABC’s Rising Star and NBC’s Million Second Quiz. NBC previously explored a concept very similar to You the Jury with Law & Order: You the Jury, a series greenlighted in 2015, which was to be produced by Law & Order boss Dick Wolf and reality production company Magical Elves. The series was never produced.

Hosted by Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro, former prosecutor, judge and a syndication court show star, You the Jury, from Renegade 83, featured six well-known attorneys arguing civil cases, with viewers voting in real time to determine the verdict.

Judge Jeanine Pirro is a principled conservative and a close friend of President Donald Trump. As far as we know, she will continue as a contributor to Fox News.

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  1. The Murdock kids are ruining this network, I no longer watch FOX, can’t wait for the new consertive network to start up.

    • I agree, they will not stop our voice or our choice. Never will be a liberal. Today Nancy Pilosi said letting American’s keep more of their own paycheck is stealing. You’ve got to be kidding.

  2. Fox is really really making me sick, what is wrong with them ? Oh and just so you know, loved Bill can’t wait until he finds a new, news program !

  3. Fox News has gone nuts. They will fail as a network soon. The talent on this network should join forces and partner for their own network. I’ve gone to CRTV. Paid $100.00 for a year and it’s well worth it and no commercials. Hope our Fox people join them!!!


  5. The Murdock kids are ruining this network, I no longer watch FOX, can’t wait for the new consertive network to start up.
    If Hannity ever leaves, they fire Judge Jeanine, why watch Fox?

  6. I watch less and less of Fox. It is turning left. I hope O’Reilly starts his own conservative station like Mark Levin has with CRVT and takes Hannity, Eric Bolin, Judge Jeanine, Tucker, and Waters. Fox IS going to go down the tubes. Stupid Murdock kids!

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