BREAKING: Willie Nelson Just Made A Tragic Announcement… Fans Calling For Support

Fans of country music star Willie Nelson are sending their prayers this week after it was announced that his health is in jeopardy. On Saturday, the 83-year-old singer stopped his concert for unknown reasons and appeared “disoriented” onstage.

“I saw Willie Nelson perform in New Braunfels on Saturday night, and it was beautiful, and it was sad,” Brendan Meyer, who was in the audience, wrote. “His first song was ‘Whiskey River,’ but his guitar seemed to be out of tune. Everyone knew it except Willie. When he finished, he gently put it down and walked off stage. Willie’s band continued to play without him.”

“He was gone for five minutes, then 10,” Meyer continued. “The harmonica player just kept playing. Same with the drummer. Nobody was singing. A tour bus was parked near the stage.”

Eventually, Nelson returned to perform.

“Then Willie, who turns 84 at the end of the month, walked back on stage to a loud roar, and in succession played all the hits: ‘On the Road Again,’ ‘Always on My Mind,’ ‘Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys.’ His guitar was still out of tune. The crowd didn’t care. We were just happy to see Willie, even though it wasn’t the Willie that most fans had seen many times before, or the Willie they’ll remember,” Meyers concluded.

Please keep Willie Nelson in your prayers tonight.

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  1. Love Willie !! Thoughts n prayers with this legend !! With his family n soooo many loved ones ! BLESSINGS

  2. I pray that GOD will give my wonderful friend Peace and Comfort .I love you and am praying for you .

  3. Headline not congruent with info…He didn’t say anything about it, that I saw reported. So it’s all conjecture. He was able to continue his concert. Hopefully he’s taking care of whatever (age-related?) maladies which have beset him. My biggest concern, prior to this, was that he’s doing ads for foreign…not the standard, US-made…vehicles!

  4. Thanks for the info. Willie Nelson is a true American spirit. Please help us “targeted individuals”tortured by US patented electronic weaponry daily 🤕🤐Many stars are dying off 🤕🤔..

  5. Would love to know the source of this info, since it was omitted at the end of the story. There was a rumor not too long ago that his health was failing, but it wasn’t true in the least. And from the looks of some of your headlines, it doesn’t look like your site is too legit.
    I actually have very close friends of his (producer of his latest album) and nothing has been said of Willie’s health being bad.

  6. Do what makes YOU happy until the end. If you want to perform or if you want to hang out at home do what YOU want….. Love you Willie

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