WATCH: Fox News Releases Video Of Site Where Trump Dropped “MOAB” Bomb. OH MY GOD.

WATCH: Fox News Releases Video Of Site Where Trump Dropped “MOAB” Bomb. OH MY GOD.
Because of Obama, ISIS and the radical Islamic terrorists are stronger than ever before. The mainstream media constantly ignores the facts in front of them.

Thankfully, we have Donald Trump to put ISIS in their place. After President Trump dropped the MOAB on those Islamic terrorists, Fox News released a video showing the damage and devastation caused by the strike. (via Fox News)

Finally, after eight years of a do-nothing president, we finally have someone to stand up to radical Islam. If we had Trump eight years ago, there would be no ISIS.


The Left hates to see Trump succeed. They try to smear and discredit him on a daily basis. The mainstream media spreads leftist lies every day.

Liberals hate war because they don’t understand it. They don’t understand that without war, we would not have freedom. Liberals need to read a history book.

As the Democrats continue to obstruct Trump, our president constantly engages in foreign policy to strengthen America’s place in the world–actions desperately needed after Obama’s apology tour. The Democrats hate this.

At least the RINOs are supporting Trump’s foreign policy, but we know we cannot trust them. How long will it be until another RINO complains about Trump? So sad.

We need to drain the swamp, and it is a good thing we have President Trump to do it. With Trump’s team, we will finally return the capitol to its proper condition. These career politicians need to go.

The mainstream media and their leftist counterparts will not allow the swamp to be drained. They always have another trick up their sleeve. It is sad. They even go after conservative journalists. They have no shame.

We need to replace these RINOs with real conservatives. Representative Paul Ryan has failed our country. He cannot accomplish anything of value, and he is only holding Trump back. Our great Congress is full of career politicians. Where do their loyalties lie? It isn’t with us, patriots. We need to hold Congress accountable for their screw-ups.

The swamp won’t rest until it is safe from attack. The swamp will throw all sorts of nasty things at Trump, and that is why we need to continue to support our president. We cannot let the RINOs and the liberals win.

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