VIDEO: Maxine Waters Reveals GROSS Thing She Wants To Do To Donald Trump

VIDEO: Maxine Waters Reveals GROSS Thing She Wants To Do To Donald Trump

Once the Democrats discovered that Donald Trump won the Presidential Race they LOST THEIR MINDS. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) is a shining example of what shambles remain of the party.

Per The Daily Caller, Waters came out during an interview on the air and actually called for the impeachment of Donald Trump. Her reasoning essentially was he is a “pathological liar.” WOW, the hypocrisy of this statement is enough to make your blood BOIL.

Her response was provoked by the host on MSNBC. The host asked her how she felt about a recent tweet from President Trump. The tweet essentially states what we all know: that the Democrats do not care about the rest of the United States. They are “only interested in themselves.”

Maxine started by ranting about how she believes Trump’s tweets to be “HORRIBLE.” We would bet the last dollar in our pocket that it would not be horrible if Donald Trump tweeted that the REPUBLICANS only care about themselves. Pretty much as long as his tweets and her political views align, she would find them fantastic.

It seems odd that she would say that Donald Trump is a “pathological liar” when we KNOW what Wikileaks revealed about Hillary Clinton. She managed to lie so much that people are STILL sifting through those emails almost half a year later.

We learned what she actually knew about Benghazi — about people DYING. Let’s not forget the fact that she was in bed with the mainstream media the entire time. She was getting debate questions early, as well as getting the ability to probe Donald Trump during his media interviews to try and make him look bad.

One of the most shocking discoveries consisted of some private conversations she had with different people in her campaign about how she REALLY feels about the people who live in America. It seems like Maxine let some of these small factors slip her mind.

It is interesting to see the hoops that the Left will jump through to try and get their point across, even if their point makes no sense. We have heard the impeachment angle come up a million times. Some of the reasons that they use to justify their opinions are hilarious, and some are just crazy.

Their favorite thing to do seems to be to take one small piece of information from a story, blow it up, and spread it to all of the left-wing media outlets. There have been a number of cases where stories have been deleted or retracted due to completely false information. You have to wonder what is going to happen next that is going to anger the Democrat Party.

It is like they have some new outrage every day, but instead of providing valid points they just yell and wave their hands. We patriots have had enough! They can try to cry wolf as much as they would like, no one believes them anymore.



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