BREAKING: Hawaii Official Drops Bombshell About Obama’s “Birth Certificate”

BREAKING: Hawaii Official Drops Bombshell About Obama’s “Birth Certificate”

The mainstream media has been covering for the Obama family for too long. It is time for the truth.

Tim Adams, a former Hawaii election clerk, has sworn to the court that there is a birth certificate showing that Obama was not born in either of the claimed Hawaii hospitals.

Patriots, this is not a surprise. We all expected it, and even Donald Trump said it.

Obama is incapable of honesty. He cannot help himself — he lied, and the mainstream media enabled him to deceive us.

The Left is calling for Trump’s tax returns, but at least we know that Trump is an American citizen. Can they say the same about Obama?

Obama’s entire presidency should be voided, which would mean Obamacare is not the law because it would not have been signed by a legitimate president. We wouldn’t even need to repeal Obamacare! That would be a win for everybody.

The liberals and their media counterparts have spent so much time slandering Trump. Where is the outrage about our former president?

Patriots, we cannot simply forget the mistakes of the Obama administration. We cannot set that precedent.

We need to hold our politicians accountable. Without accountability, there is no justice. How is it that the mainstream media hasn’t picked up this story? It would be too embarrassing for them to admit they were wrong.

Every day, we see the mainstream media spinning lies. It is sad, really. The media is not our friend, patriots. Anyone who refuses to speak the truth is not a friend to us.

Why didn’t anyone investigate this further before we had to deal with eight years of Obama? That’s what I’d like to know!

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  1. Nice shot / n / the arm . If we could git back tha freek’n penalty for not hav’n it . Did’n’t use it / Yyyyyyyyyyy I hav to pay for it ?????????????? / Can I git a reply ??????

  2. This is impossible to have a fair retribution by law. Death for him is the only thing that can stop our headache with him. If he is Illegal, then everything he did while in the Presidency is Illegal. He can never receive any compensation for anything from U.S. The only thing he is worthy of from the people of the United States is to be put
    to death.

  3. Everything about Obama has been manufactured and Fake. He wasn’t a legitimate candidate for the Presidecy and he falsified his birth certificate so he is not entitled to another dime of the Presidents retirement money or benefits. Stop it immediately before or after hebis arrested and jailed for treason.

  4. The democratic party has been the most corrupt party in history. You can’t tell me that some of them didn’t know & swept it under the rug so he could run for the presidency. Obama is a smooth talking ASS HOLE & he could BULL SHIT his way through anything. He & a lot of the democratic party needs to be put out at GETMO with OBAMA’S fathers family.

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