Trump Calls Bill O’Reilly A ‘Good Person’ After Firing!

Bill O’Reilly

President Donald Trump has finally chimed in on the whole Bill O’Reilly mess. He has kept silent for the most part but he finally has come to the defense of his long time friend. Bill O’Reilly has been a large supporter of Donald Trump ever since he was elected.

President Trump went on to say that Bill O’Reilly should not have settled with the accusing women.

“He’s a person I know well — he is a good President,” President Trump said during an interview. “I think he should not have settled; personally, I think he should not have settled… Because you should have taken it all the way. I do not think Bill did anything wrong.”

President Trump is a wonderful man who wants the truth to come out. He will protect his friends when there is harm done to them. Bill has not done anything wrong as there is no evidence that proves he is guilty. Apparently the liberals do not care about this fact, however.

This will hopefully start to move the whole situation in the right direction. Bill O’Reilly cannot standby and let this horrible thing happen to him. These women will get away with millions and his reputation to boot. When these allegations broke, they seemed shady at best. There were no quotes or video or proof of any kind. When will the media see this

Fox News is not starting to slowly die. They have been boycotted by millions of angry fans around the United States. When will they learn that they made a huge mistake? What will it take to prove Bill’s innocents? We know he will bounce back from this with no issues– we are just worried about his reputation being tarnished.

What do you think of these statements that were made by President Donald Trump?

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