Breaking NEWS: The Real Reason Fox News Fired O’Reilly

Bill O’Reilly

It’s sad to say it, but it is nonetheless true. Fox News, once a bastion of conservative views and cultural critique, is being eaten from the inside by left-wing infiltration.

As an example, the recent firing of popular personality Bill O’Reilly highlights a growing rift between the channel’s conservative base and the Murdoch family. Specifically, O’Reilly received his walking papers from James Murdoch and his wife Kathryn. Despite running Fox News, both James and Kathryn are diehard leftists who have connections to the Clinton family.

Fox News has officially been co-opted.

O’Reilly’s departure is just another example of the news channel’s shift to the left. Roger Ailes, who was also forced out due to allegations of sexual harassment, was another holdout from the glory days of Fox News as America’s premiere source of conservative news.

The political sympathies of Kathryn Murdoch are easy to discern, for Murdoch, who works for the Clinton Climate Initiative, uses her Twitter to trash President Trump daily.

As for James Murdoch, he is nowhere near as conservative as his relatively moderate father.

Let us not forget that for much of the 2016 campaign, Fox News could hardly be characterized as pro-Trump. Aside from a few voices, the network tended towards Marco Rubio, then Ted Cruz. Not to mention former star anchor Megyn Kelly barely tried to hide her sympathies for Hillary Clinton.

Unless something very drastic happens, the new hierarchy at Fox News means that the network may already be lost to coastal liberalism. If Fox News goes, then AM talk radio and internet may be all that is left for the right.

There is a silver lining to all of this, however. The fall of Fox could actually be beneficial to more paleo-conservative voices, along with other wings of the Republican Party that have long been oppression by the neoconservative power brokers in Washington and New York.

Furthermore, a more dispersed conservative media operation could make it that much harder for the left to disrupt and destroy right-wing communications.

As we speak, far-left companies like Google and Facebook are attempting to suppress counter-cultural voices like Infowars and The Drudge Report.

Unwilling to inspect their own failures or actually address the concerns of the American majority, Democrats and liberal progressives are now moving to completely control the distribution of information.

The Democrats are now officially the American Communist Party and they are setting out to squash anything that is not officially sanctioned by them. Time for a boycott?

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    • I basically quit watching years ago too! Sick and tired of all the collusion and corruption! Thankfully Hannity and Tucker are honest reporters and I can catch them on line if there is a topic of interest!

  1. You are delusional. O Reilly was fired because women stopped taking the payoff…millions and women will not overlook leacherous behavior…I know Bill Clinton is a lecher too…Get rid of him…Oh, I forgot he is not the president anymore and neither is his wife. You have a need to defend unacceptable behavior and the O+GOP brand is tarnished…maybe beyond help. We will see in the elections coming up soon.

    • Yes I agree!!!Thank god for the ” PINK PUSSY HATS ” liberals to show us how to respect women !! Only after listening to Ashley Judd and Madonna speech did I see the ” light ” !! The Fox News gals should be able to wear their dresses as short and as tight and with the lowest neckline with as much tit hang out as they want !!!!!! And woe unto he who says anything !!!!!!!!!

  2. We love Bill O’Riley. He was right on with the average american and he did not care who in government he had on his show, he was fair and made sure the truth was know. I hope he gets another new job soon.

  3. Yes! The days of Fox News are over, the firing of O’rielly and possibly hannity, mark the end of me turning on the TV at the 5PM hour. I no longer will watch that channel……

    • Wtf they did the same thing to our president!! Give me a break I don’t believe one word about what they are saying about O’Reilly.Why is this 💩All of a sudden” It’s the owners they are big time Liberals and they wanted to fire him

  4. We will be destroyed from within just as the Romans were and other great societies. Lock and load, be ready to fight !I feel sorry for future generations that they have to sort all this out again. There are alot of very dumb people graduating from colleges all over this nation. It seems they have been dumbed down not knowing history and the sacrifices made to develope a country as great as this. SAD.

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