BREAKING: Bill O’Reilly FINALLY Breaks Silence on Megyn Kelly – DESTROYS HER IN SECONDS!

BREAKING: Bill O’Reilly FINALLY Breaks Silence on Megyn Kelly – DESTROYS HER IN SECONDS!

Since Roger Ailes’ high profile ousting from Fox News, numerous other issues, not related to Ailes, but to other Fox staffers, have surfaced.

After Ailes left, several other members of the on-air Fox news staff left the cable news show, including: Greta Van Susteren, Gretchen Carlson, Andrea Tantaros, and Megyn Kelly.

Some, though not all, of those who left have filed suits against Ailes or the network. For instance, Megyn Kelly departed from Fox to join NBC, a move she announced in January.

Kelly’s announcement in January gave way to the February termination of Fox comptroller Judy Slater. Ms. slater was accused of making numerous racist comments during her nearly 20 years at the network.

Only a few weeks after Slater’s departure, the focus turned to Fox’s longtime evening host, Bill O’Reilly.

As the gossip about O’Reilly’s behavior increased, he left for a pre-planned vacation. During his time away from the studio, the New York Times suggested that O’Reilly may have been at least partially responsible for Kelly’s departure.

As recently as last fall, just after 21st Century Fox finalized agreements with two women who accused Bill O’Reilly of sexually harassing them, Mr. O’Reilly appeared on morning television, offering a critical assessment of the women who had stepped forward with complaints about the network.

Referring to Megyn Kelly’s recently published book, O’Reilly said, in an angry tone, “Look, it’s open season,” referring to an Kelly’s account of being sexually harassed by former Fox chairman, Roger Ailes. O’Reilly later added, “Let’s whack the Fox News Channel. I’ve had enough of it. It’s a good place to work. All right?”

Following O’Reilly’s on-air smack down, Kelly is supposed to have sent an email to Fox News executives, discussing O’Reilly’s attitude and indicating that it was part of what made female employees feel uncomfortable at Fox.

O’Reilly’s response to Kelly’s email was public and terse, as he said on his show, “If you don’t like what’s happening in the workplace, go to human resources or leave.”

Just weeks later Kelly took his advice and did, indeed, leave the network. Recent reports are indicating that O’Reilly’s future with Fox may, too, be in jeopardy.


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