BREAKING: Rush Limbaugh Comes Forward With Dirt on Paul Ryan. FIRE RYAN NOW.

BREAKING: Rush Limbaugh Comes Forward With Dirt on Paul Ryan. FIRE RYAN NOW.

President Trump and the establishment politicians within the Republican party are facing off, and Paul Ryan is in the crosshairs.

In a recent radio segment, Rush Limbaugh explained the civil war being fought inside the Republican party between President Trump and Paul Ryan. Trump ran on a full repeal and replacement of Obamacare, and Paul Ryan is trying to blame Trump for his failure to produce an alternative.

Republican party, and the establishment is dedicated to the downfall of President Trump.

The establishment is terrified of Trump because he is a political outsider. The capitol has cultivated a culture that despises the outsiders. The establishment wants to dominate the political landscape, and they cannot allow outsiders to encroach on their territory.

Washington is full of backdoor deals, and the elite politicians are worried that their secrets will be revealed. They want to keep the machinery of government and all its corruption hidden from We the People. President Trump and all of the members of the Republican party were elected for their promise to repeal and replace Obamacare.

As the Speaker of the House, it is Paul Ryan’s job to fulfill the will of the people. However, despite eight years of preparation, he has not provided a solution.

Paul Ryan never intended to repeal Obamacare, and the best he could muster is a ‘lite’ version of the terrible policy. Ryan failed miserably, but he is trying to blame President Trump for his failure.

But President Trump continues to be the master of media manipulation. By offering public support for Paul Ryan he was able to bring attention to the terrible healthcare bill while firmly attaching it to Paul Ryan. It has since been dubbed Ryancare. President Trump has proven his commitment to the will of the people. He is more responsive to us than anyone in the Republican party.

The establishment politicians within our party are almost as despicable as the Democrats – they do not represent us. They have become accustomed to the corruption of Washington and are only looking out for themselves. Paul Ryan is the leader of the corrupt and he cannot be trusted to remain in office.

There are better representatives of conservative values to choose from. The battle to drain the swamp cannot be won solely by electing Trump. We need to watch closely over the next two years to see who is with us and who is not. Do you think Paul Ryan has got to go? Please share the story on Facebook and tell us what you think because we want to hear YOUR voice


  1. Ryan needs to get out while he can. I always knew he was sneaky, part of the dirt he needs to be ejected out of his positon and be put on guard duty mybe that might straighten him.please Mr. Trump DRAIN the stinking swamp. PLEASE

  2. I have been saying that Paul Ryan has got to be stopped we have to get another good conservative speaker. Ryan will keep on trying to bring TRUMP DOWN that is his goal an nothing else. He is a RINO SCUMBAG DEMORAT AN EVERYONE KNOWS IT

  3. The political establishment has gone evil and greedy. They are the bullies picking on the good guy newcomer hoping he’ll crack and give up. They underestimate Donald Trump thinking he doesn’t have what it takes to lead a country. Paul Ryan is a two faced plant to keep Obama informed and in the loop while pretending to be Trump’s best friend all for Obama because he refuses to give up his no longer seat in the white house, he thinks he’s still the eternal President in his mind. That’s why he wiretapped Trump and anyone in his way, that’s why he keeps his cronies he hired in the white house to snitch on the goings on, that’s why he lives so close to the white house, that’s why he has people joining his escapades to do whatever it takes to remove Trump from office, that’s why he knit picks everything Trump does and twists it all around to make Trump look as bad as he can. Paul Ryan has never worked for Trump, he puts on a good show but is secretly working and devoted to Obama who won’t quit. The Democrats and Republicans are all in cahoots with Obama who obviously has them under his spell in control of his wishes. President Trump is not only a decent respectable gentleman, he is also highly courageous to handle such a task from so much negativity surrounding him when all he wants to do is right the wrong that’s been going on for decades against the people of this country who have been constantly lied to and deceived. While we hire these people to get rich on our dime while we struggle. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. President Trump is trying so hard to change that around at the same time trying to get respect back into America by other nations which was so callously taken away. Yes, with all that’s going on I sincerely believe Paul Ryan deserves no more than a boot out the door. Unfortunately, he is the main snitch for Obama and should be fired immediately. President Trump wants so much to trust his people but needs to realize they are not to be trusted as they are denying him at every turn his ability to do the job we the people hired him to do which is totally unfair and unwarranted. It’s the good guy against all the bad guys. He needs our help, so let’s do it, call, write letters, speak out in his defense, let’s let Trump know we appreciate his efforts and will fight for his honor. Thank you President Trump. You’re in our prayers as well. He’s not doing this job for himself, he’s doing it for all of us and for free to boot. Talk about stress and pressure. He’s doing this to help our country not hurt it like we’ve gotten used to for so many years and for what, to get kicked in the ass for it, no thanks. That’s abuse in the highest level. Time to get with the program, there’s no doubt he’s our President, let’s all support him.

    • Awesome post, SuzanS! You spelled it all out so clearly, and I agree with you completely! I live in Wisconsin, and know that Ryan wasn’t well-liked here. Here’s hoping that he’s removed as Speaker very soon.

    • These Political people are well paid by hard working tax payers and should not get one cent other than that nor any favours or gifts. Lunches and business trips should all be Govt paid. Any other way creates corruption as we can see

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