BREAKING NEWS: Massive Voter Fraud Scheme Uncovered In Key State

BREAKING NEWS: Massive Voter Fraud Scheme Uncovered In Key State

Democrats continue to deny the existence of voter fraud while at the same time, encouraging non-citizens to vote illegally.

The Secretary of State of Nevada has uncovered a massive scandal where the official policy of the Department of Motor Vehicles was illegally registering non-citizens to vote. (via Daily Caller)

Barbara Cegavske, the Secretary of State, wrote a letter to the director of the DMV demanding that the process end. She says that employees of the DMV were told by management to offer the non-citizens the opportunity to join the voter roll.

Employees were instructed to offer registration to customers they knew were non-citizens, including some who used a green card as identification.

Non-citizens are being added to the voter roll as a result of a combination of the outdated policies of the DMV combined with the Motor Voter Act passed by former President Bill Clinton.

The Motor Voter Act was designed to encourage voter registration. The law required government employees to offer customers the option to register to vote after receiving government services or applying for welfare.

Of course, the Motor Voter Act was designed to encourage likely Democrat voters to register. The program encouraged citizens and non-citizens alike to register to vote when they received their welfare benefits.

Nevada’s DMV has been operating under an honor system where it assumes that everyone who uses the services of the DMV is an American citizen. However, Nevada offers drivers licensing to non-citizens.

The Secretary of State accuses the highest levels of the DMV of being complicit in the practices. Barbara Cegavske said the director of the DMV and her office directly reviewed and contributed to the policy, encouraging illegal aliens to be added to the voter roll.

Barbara Cegavske is calling for a complete reworking of the outdated policies that allow voter fraud to run rampant. She claims that illegal aliens have already been caught casting ballots illegally in the 2016 election as a result of the unlawful policy.

If Nevada is illegally registering voters due to a law from the 1990s passed by Bill Clinton, then many other states are likely doing the same.

Do you think the Democrats tried to steal the presidential election from Donald Trump? Let America know.

We need to implement a nationwide approach to ensuring the integrity of our election, including a voter identification card.

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