Breaking NEWS: US Special Forces Launched Another ATTACK on ISIS!!!

Breaking NEWS: US Special Forces Launched Another ATTACK on ISIS!!!

ISIS is launching new attacks in an act of desperation as President Trump continues to decimate their defenses.

ISIS fighters were repelled by U.S. Special Forces after they launched an attack on the al-Tanf military base in southern Syria. Coalition forces were joined with US air support to completely eliminate the ISIS assault. (via Business Insider)

The al-Tanf based is held by coalition forces, and is designed to train vetted Syrian rebels to provide protection to the Jordanian border. There were no American casualties defending the base.

U.S. Special Forces were position on the based, and others on a nearby patrol. All forces aided in the efforts to drive out ISIS.

The ISIS assault squad approached the base disguised as U.S.-backed Syrian rebels. They drove American vehicles captured by ISIS from Syrian rebels.

A vehicle approached the gate of the base loaded with improvised explosive devices. The vehicle was able to destroy the base, which allowed ISIS fighters to gain entry.

Approximately 30 soldiers accompanied the vehicle, and many were equipped with suicide vests. They launched the attack in an effort to prevent U.S.-backed forces from taking the nearby city of Raqqa.

Raqqa is the self-proclaimed capital of the Islamic state, and it has been threatened by coalition forces. Many leaders of ISIS have been caught fleeing the city in recent months.

U.S. Special forces were aided by airstrikes, and the firefight lasted for almost three hours. The assault ended with the complete destruction of ISIS forces. Army Officials told reporters that “the enemy got crushed.” (via NBC News)

The assault was launched by ISIS shortly after a M.O.A.B. was dropped on terrorist-controlled tunnels in Iraq. President Trump is ramping up in the fight against ISIS, which is causing the terrorists to lash out in desperation.

The barbaric terrorist forces are no match for the might of the U.S. Army and Air Force. They need to rely on suicidal attacks to achieve even limited success.

However, even their suicide missions end in complete failure, as the remaining ISIS strongholds fall out of their control.


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