99% Of Americans Don’t Know The REAL Reason Trump Dropped The Bomb On ISIS!

Earlier today, President Trump dropped a massive 21,000-pound bomb on Afghanistan. The MOAB — Massive Ordinance Air Blast — is also known as the “Mother Of All bombs.” It was first tested in 2003, but hadn’t been used in combat before Thursday.

Reports claim that the bomb was dropped to destroy a series of tunnels created by ISIS, but now we are learning that isn’t the real reason.

A Special Forces soldier was killed Saturday in Afghanistan and President Trump wanted to PUNISH the killers who took his life! 

Staff Sgt. Mark De Alencar, 37, died of injuries from enemy small arms fire while his unit was conducting counter-ISIS operations.

Staff Sgt. Mark De Alencar was a Green Beret whose awards include:

  • the Purple Heart
  • 5 Army Commendation Medals
  • 6 Army Achievement Medals
  • the Iraq Campaign Medal with 2 stars
  • the Combat Infantryman Badge
  • the Expert Infantryman Badge
  • the Special Forces tab
  • and the Air Assault Badge

U.S. forces dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb ever used in a strike against ISIS in eastern Afghanistan on Thursday, according to Pentagon officials, reportedly killing 36 militants.

The U.S. dropped a GBU-43 bomb, nicknamed the “mother of all bombs,” on ISIS fighters and tunnels and caves used by the terror group in the country’s Nangarhar province, officials said. It was dropped from an aircraft.

Afghanistan’s defense ministry said the attack left 36 ISIS fighters dead — a claim the ISIS-affiliated news agency Amaq later denied.

President Trump takes the death of our military men and women EXTREMELY personally.  He wasn’t about to let this soldier’s death go unanswered!

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After 8 years we finally have a true leader that respect our military and loves America.

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  1. That is not true. The mission to destroy the tunnel had already been planned before the death of the Green Beret!

  2. I am so glad that we now have a President who is a true patriot of America and who really cares about the military men and women.

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