Whoopi Goldberg Runs Her Big Mouth At Donald Trump And Then Immediately Gets Shut Down On Live TV!

n Thursday’s episode of The View, the liberal hosts had the nerve to call President Donald Trump a “liar” for changing his mind about the Republican health care plan.

Jedediah Bila opened the segment by criticizing Trump for blaming the Freedom Caucus for the healthcare bill’s failure.

“I want to scream,” Bila claimed dramatically. “This has me so twisted. I want to scream out, ‘liars!’”

“First he supported the bill, then he bullied everybody, threatened them to support the bill. They weren’t having it. Thank you Freedom Caucus, by the way,” she continued. “Then he blamed Democrats for it. Now he’s on Twitter…”

“Conservatives who voted for this guy and thought he was going to be your ally, I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so,” she concluded.

Joy Behar then demanded to know why so many people still support Trump.

“Because they desperately want him to be that guy [who will save them],” Whoopi Goldberg argued. Of course, she has virtually no understanding of Donald Trump or his supporters.

Watch the segment below and tell us what you think.


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