Ben Carson Got Stuck In An Elevator Today, What He Did When He Got Out Is UNBELIEVABLE!

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson and his wife got stuck in an elevator when they went to visit Miami’s affordable housing complex on Wednesday. This happened when Carson toured the Courtside Apartments.

Here is the video of first responders trying to get to Ben Carson in the elevator:

Needless to say. The point has been made that we need to fix our inner cities. When firefighters finally freed Ben Carson, he said the following:

“Well, we got all of our questions answered,” Carson joked when he got out of the elevator.

Here is the video of Ben Carson getting out of the elevator.

Then, later on, that day host David Webb said: “Well you know, everything has its ups and downs,” Carson said. “But no, it was no big deal. It was a wonderful opportunity for us all to get to know each other a little better.”

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According to Fox News, Ben Carson found over $500 billion in errors in the HUD department that happened under Obama.

Don’t you love Ben Carson? Let’s show him some love, patriots!


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