Breaking NEWS: North Korean Ships Just Given Shocking Order, Suffer Massive Humiliation

Breaking NEWS: North Korean Ships Just Given Shocking Order, Suffer Massive Humiliation

Starting April 16th, China will no longer be accepting coal imports from North Korea. This order will remain in effect until December 31st of this year. This is a giant blow to North Korea’s ego, as coal has been a critical necessity in China for a very long time.

China executed this decision in response to North Korea’s irresponsible ballistic missile test. Clearly, North Korea did not think this through. This legislation serves as a major blow to North Korea, but they’re going to have to accept the consequences without question.

It is obvious that Donald Trump played a major role in China’s enactment to cease all coal imports. Trump met with China’s president and discussed the importance of being assertive for the greater good. Accepting coal imports will only encourage North Korea to continue engaging in destructive behavior.

North Korea’s missile and nuclear programs, if not abolished through careful measures, could have serious implications on the world’s welfare. If China were to continue receiving imported coal, North Korea’s economic standing will grow stronger.  China has REFUSED to put money in the pockets of North Korea’s nuclear bank account.

Donald Trump was able to influence China’s decision. It is without question that the president of the United States was a leading force in this outcome. Trump is looking out for the rest of the world, but ultimately prioritizing America’s well-being.

The New York Times reports Wang Yi, the Chinese Minister of Foreign affairs, is adamant that the current sanctions remain in place. He states, “This situation cannot continue because the ultimate outcome may be intolerable on all sides.”

The United States of America is prospering under the leadership of Donald Trump. We will prevail over North Korea through strategy, logic, and integrity. Donald Trump’s negotiation background is helping our country create historical breakthroughs.

The United States and the rest of the world is finally reaping the rewards of having a president who isn’t afraid to make concrete decisions. Donald Trump has made more progress is in his first few month’s as president, than Barack Obama made in 8 years.

There’s no doubt that China won’t suffer in the slightest due to this import ban, but it doesn’t compare to the violent harm North Korea would impose with access to nuclear missiles. China was brave in executing this ban, but their willingness to comply is largely attributed to Donald Trump.

North Korea is a country governed by war-mongering cowards with little-man syndrome. Keep your coal Kim Jong Un, and keep your nuclear missiles out of sight. Obviously, it is in your best interest stay under the radar.

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  1. I’d like to hear why China places 150.000 soldiers on their border with North Korea, if they are really in earnest about diminishing N.K.’s threats to the rest of the world, and especially America. The Chinese not sending coal for several months to North Korea sounds like a positive step in concert with U.S. aims, but the heavy military presence pl
    aced at the N.K. border seems counter to intentions. What is the over-all truth of the matter?

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