Federal Court Shuts Down Illegals – Their Children Won’t Receive Us Citizenship!

A federal court judge has just destroyed the legacy of every illegal immigrant. It has been ruled out that the newborn children of illegals won’t be entitled as US citizens.

Illegals are furious. This destroys their carefree future of having their children live as legit US citizens. The term used in the court for these children is “anchor babies”. And as the decision was made, they will not receive birth certificates if they are born in the US.

This ensures that all the privileges Americans have stay only available to Americans. Obamacare, education and every other service will be strictly forbidden for illegals children.

This was made so that immigrants finally learn how to go through the right process of getting in the US. They are hoping to lower the number of illegals drastically with this one. Hopefully they sign in for the visa process and go through it all like every other immigrant.

The court made a final decision today that the Plaintiffs have brought evidence but failed the process. The evidence rises a grave concern for the future process of the US system. In short terms it doesn’t change the fact that laws were broken. Multiple of them actually.

Hopefully this gets immigrants on the right tracks. What do you think? Tell us in the comment.



  1. Finally!!!! The courts following the LAWS OF THE LAND. There is a right way to become a U.S. Citizen, now lets get busy and GET IT DONE!!! I have nothing against migrant workers here on LEGAL Visas but when they expire and they go on the lam they are COMMITTING a crime. Ever hear of renewals?? If your Drivers License expires you Renew it, if your Passport expires you RENEW it. If a LAW is in the books you follow that law,even if you disagree with what it may be. Laws were written for a reason, not to see how many times you can break it and not get caught. Do the RIGHT thing and you never have to look over your shoulder and never have to worry about being deported.

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