Donald Trump Jr. forces Whoopi Goldberg to make good on her promise and leave the nation!

Just imagine living in a world where people actually lived up to their promises, like the nasty swamp vermin and their close relatives, the celebrities.

Sadly for patriotic Americans, this world is still eons away, but Trump and his associates and family members are rare eminent figures who are actually setting an example. President Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. called on celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg to keep their promises and leave this country like they said they would.

To all patriots out there: do not let yourselves be misled. Some of the celebrities are responsible for the corruption and treachery in the swamp that is slowly being drained in D.C. We only need a glance at the Schumer family to realize how much these people work against the current establishment.

These rats, moles, infiltrators…whatever you want to call them, flourish in a system of deceit, corruption, criminal, cronyism, like our local bureaucracies and the mainstream and liberal media.

Actually, we do not even force these people to do anything reluctantly, they themselves promised they would leave, and they themselves are not keeping that promise by being obstinate. God only knows what they are trying to prove.

This is where the Trump family comes in. The Trumps are forcing celebrities now to face what they said and keep their promises. Rarely is something for people like us more indulging than to see one of the President’s sons push these celebrities into confessing their promises.

Will they take this to heart? It is highly doubtful. One does not simply get rid of such obnoxious pests by asking them to do something, regardless of them vowing to do so.

It is sad to think we’ve reached such a low point. It is difficult to watch TV without you being overrun with segregating words as celebrities and holdovers conspire into making us by their BS.


  1. If someone is not happy in the US they should not make others unhappy leave go where you can be happy-America does not need you!

  2. My President Donald Trump is to be PRAISED for the outstanding job he is doing!!! I agree with Donald Trump, Jr. if these idiots promised to leave, they need to go!! I will help them pack!! I am so tired of the people here in the US downing our President!! As a matter-of-fact he did not need the job of President, he took it and we elected him because HE’S THE BEST MAN for the job. I say go TRUMP’S I am behind you 100%!!! God Bless this GREAT m an and his family!!! Mr. Trump Make America Great Again!!!!

  3. good luck!
    , it is time for a new, honest governor, we have had enough of his overspending, trying to bribe those to vote for him in the next presidential campaign. I once had respect for that man, not anymore. He blew it. He is as greedy as the rest of the Democraps! But they soon or later will have to meet their MACKER!

  4. NA NA NA NA
    GOODBYE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOULD LOVE TO SEE ALL THOSE BIG MOUTHS LEAVE.

  5. Whoopi says some crazy stupid crap that’s true. But she’s kind of “crazy like a fox”. I think she knows that she is a no talent hack and nowhere else on earth would pay her 2 cents for her stupid, irrelevant, lying dumb ass remarks but Hollywood. Where else can you do a couple mins “work” a day for millions? She knows where she has it good and it doesn’t make any difference to her lifestyle who is President. It could be Lassie or the devil himself and she’d still have her insane contract. Thankfully, ppl are starting to get sick of her. Worried bout our rights??? Yeah. She should throw a couple million to abortion clinics for the woman who use it as a form of birth control. Maybe give some to a homeless shelter for food, beds. Anonymously. No way. She needs the PR.

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  1. Donald Trump Jr. forces Whoopi Goldberg to make good on her promise and leave the nation!

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