Shocking VIDEO: Whoopi Goldberg Attacked Ivanka… Doesn’t Realize What’s In Store MOMENTS LATER

Shocking VIDEO: Whoopi Goldberg Attacked Ivanka… Doesn’t Realize What’s In Store MOMENTS LATER

The American people are fed up with Whoopi Goldberg’s leftist meltdowns.

This week on The View, Whoopi and friends had a collective liberal tantrum over Ivanka’s role in the White House. Madworld News shared a video of Whoopi slamming Ivanka by insulting the first daughter’s motives, as well as her intelligence, on Wednesday’s episode of the hit show.

Whoopi, Joy Behar, and co-hosts Sunny Hostin and Sara Haines reacted to Ivanka’s recent interview with CBS reporter Gayle King, in which Ivanka was asked about how she voiced her opinions to the President.

“This is pure and simple nepotism,” Haines said. “Should she even be in this position? She is the daughter of the president. Why is she in the White House? We didn’t vote for Ivanka Trump.” Yes, Sara. We know we didn’t vote for Ivanka Trump. Thank you for the brilliant news flash.

Joy Behar chimed in by saying, “it’s like going to the hospital and having the Candy Stripers do the surgery.” Joy, that’s exactly how the American people feel about a washed up, bitter comedienne ranting and raving about politics every week on national television.

Whoopi said Ivanka “must be whispering” when sharing her views with the President, because he’s “not listening.” So in the same breath Whoopi suggests Ivanka doesn’t have the right to be in the White House at all, she insults Ivanka for not having a louder voice.

The View received strong backlash for their comments when social media users took to Twitter to fight back!

The Tweets continued, and one thing is clear: Whoopi, Joy, and the gang have alienated a large portion of their audience. These women are truly unhinged. And since when was The View a political show? These women are better suited to talk about Oscar dresses than political strategy.

Watch the cringe-worthy video here:


  1. This show needs to be gone….
    what Barbara Walters put her name on has been torn to shreds by three of the most left uneducated, ill informed, racist woman ever… whoopis stupidity, hostin telling and reminding everyone about her law experience, she is an angry black,-Hispanic woman, she reminds everyone of her ethnicity and Behars tantrums…
    use to watch when it started but without Walters there Behar has become a loud mouth temper tantrum hag,.. BW must have had tight reigns on her she never acted like this in front of Barbara Walters…she was mouthy but she now needs to be medicated…
    Miss Meredith, Star and Elizabeth they could at least be civilized …..

    It’s over ladies the count down has begun….thank god!

  2. It is better to build up than tear down….do these people ever have anything to share about the positive of an individual? Hate is an ugly thing to see…..

  3. Headline is deceiving. Nothing in the story depicts the headline. My 1st experience with success stories articles, and my last.

  4. Joy and Whoopi are irrelevant hags that are no longer entertaining People should boycott the views sponsors and make it clear we are tired of this one sided crap

  5. The view is a comedy show that they have found the stupidest women to talk about and give their opinion about things they know nothing about such as politics…

  6. Whoopi Fartberg and Joy Behog have the nerve to talk trash about Ivanka Trump for standing up to things she feel’s are right. This is just another reason and proof of why democrats lost and will continue to loose. WHAT have these 2 ever done to help American Women? NOTHING BUT THEY LOVED KISSING MICHELE OBAMA’S ASS.

  7. They are such bigot racist Baboons ,I quit watching them 2 days after they started,Barbra Walters is a fool to have these ladies on there they trash everyone ,that’s all this show dose,trash it’s the only job Bahr baboon and whoop baboon could get …..

  8. The View has outlived it’s time – sad, disgusting women who like to create drama – isn’t it just about time to put this show to a final resting place? The Network should be ashamed of the hate these women show against other women and America…

  9. What women’s rights did Trump roll back? Sounds to me these females on the View want more ‘special’ right. I’m tired of going to work every day having my money taken from me then handed to Planned Parenthood. Then I’m told their reproductive rights are none of my business. If you use MY money you make it my damn business! If you gals on the View don’t understand that then you can kiss my white ass!!! Typical close minded dribble from this failure of a show.

  10. Contact the sponsors of The View and let them know that you will boycott until they pull their ads. This is the only way to get this show off the air. This show is nothing but an hour of hatred being spewed at President Trump, his family and anyone else who is not liberal. It’s just complete trash.

  11. I did like her and thought she was smart till she started bashing Trump she and Joy should not be allowed on the air I watched sometimes because of the other girls but I have had enough
    . Hope the show gets canceled

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