Breaking: Car EXPLOSION Leaves Key Hillary Witness DEAD!!!

Key Hillary Witness DEAD

Officials are reporting that at least one person lost his life, and several more are heavily injured in a car explosion that happened early this morning.

A breaking news story! So far it is confirmed that one person lost his life after his car crashed and was caught on fire. Several more are injured and at the moment are being transferred to the closest hospital. The identity of the victim is yet to be confirmed, as well as the identities of the other injured.

,,So far this is everything that we know and that we can share with you. After the identity is confirmed, first we will contact the family of the deceased and afterwards we can share more with you,, – says M. Jones from the County Police Department.

The car crash happened on highway 66, connecting Chicago to California.

From the initial reports, what can be confirmed is that the person driving lost control of his vehicle, he spun out for at least 200 feet and smashed in a tree. Shortly after the crash the car got on fire and almost burned completely.

,,There were ,,confidential,, stamped documents all over the place after the car crashed,, – says one of the witnesses at site.

Although the identity is yet to be confirmed, speculators are betting on another cover up story from the government. They are saying that a key DC insider was inside the car, and in the same time are betting that the government and the pro-government media will cover this up.

We must NOT let them cover it up. Share it with your friends with the button below, so that everyone can know what is going on.

This is a breaking news story, so please stay with us for an update on it.

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