OMG! Watch What This ‘BLOATED’ Liberal Does To Elderly Trump Supporters! THIS IS SICK!

OMG! Watch What This ‘BLOATED’ Liberal Does To Elderly Trump Supporters! THIS IS SICK!

It seems most liberals have made absolutely zero effort to forgive and forget their disgraceful loss last November. One might think that after almost six months that some of the sting would have gone away, but obviously we’re dealing with some sore losers.

There are still regular reports of Hillery or Bernie supporters accosting those wearing the Make America Great Again hats or bumper stickers, sometimes even engaging in a physical altercation.

I think it’s worth noting that this wasn’t even an issue after the Obama win in 2008 or even 2012 after we had a little taste of what he was like. Maybe it’s that conservatives just don’t care as much as liberals, but then again maybe it’s that we have more self-control, and also jobs that we would lose if we got thrown in jail.

Obviously, neither jail time or even the basic laws of public interaction were an issue for this obscene liberal who thought she would be a hero and take on some senior citizens. We don’t know exactly how the verbal altercation began, but we know it how it ended. It was with everyone present looking for a way to dig their own eyeballs out.  So we’ve decided to share it with you. You’re welcome.

Warning: Strong Language (and a lot of it).


I’m not sure what this chick thought she was going to accomplish by literally showing her rear, but the only thing I can take away from it is that she ran out of logical things to say and resorted to foul language and even fouler visual aids. I’m sure she was completely successful, and that everyone who had to see her exposed backside ran out and registered as a democrat immediately. What else could you do after seeing such a beautiful display of the liberal agenda?

This woman is a perfect picture of the liberal feminist in America today. Wound up, loaded for bear and completely shameless. We’re all glad you feel liberated and confident, but do the world a favor and keep your confidence at home next time. Nobody wants to see that.

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  1. Finally get to see Whoopi off the view. She is a bad person and was bad for the show. Maybe she will finally go through with her promise to leave the united States. Bye bye 🙌😁😂🙌

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