BREAKING: California Caught Doing the UNTHINKABLE – America In Shock

BREAKING: California Caught Doing the UNTHINKABLE – America In Shock

For generations now, California has been the nation’s most popular home for immigrants.

History teaches that because of numerous factors such as its size, geography, and economy the state has long been a draw for people immigrating to the U.S. from all over the globe, but especially Mexico and Asia.

Today California still has the nation’s largest population of Hispanic immigrants and the nation’s largest population of Asians immigrants.

California leads the nation in foreign-born residents, with nearly as many as New York, New Jersey, and Florida (numbers 2, 3, and 4 on the list) combined.

27% of people who immigrate to the U.S. are going to California, with or without an aching in their hearts. Again, that’s number one in the nation.

So, with such a healthy and growing population of immigrants historically and overwhelmingly being drawn to their state, why is California so determined to be a sanctuary for illegal immigrants?

If there is any state that would not be so eager to increase the size of their population born outside the U.S. that they would want to attract illegal immigrants as well as legal immigrants, one would think it would be California.

However, just the opposite is the case.

In fact, the California Senate has just passed a bill that would make it the nation’s first “sanctuary state.”

As Breitbart reports:

Senate Bill 54, the “sanctuary state” bill, was passed by a 27-12 vote along party lines on Monday evening, with Democrats supporting the measure and Republicans s opposing it. The bill will go to the State Assembly, where Democrats hold a majority, and if approved, to Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown.

The bill bars state and local law enforcement agencies from using their resources to help in federal immigration enforcement. Inquiring about immigration status, providing federal immigration authorities access to interview a person in custody or assisting in immigration enforcement would be prohibited under the bill.

Trump has already warned the state that a move to become a sanctuary state would come at a price.

Speaking on Fox News in February, Trump said of the proposed move

I think it’s ridiculous. Sanctuary cities- as you know, I’m very much opposed to sanctuary cities…

They breed crime. There’s a lot of problems.

If we have to, we’ll defund. We give tremendous amounts of money to California. California in many ways is out of control, as you know.

The full exchange can be seen here:


  1. Let them go; then see fast their slide into,the ocean, the illegal immigrants will not be giving any of their money and maybe just maybe the Hollowwood liberals give some or will they retreat also.
    Oh when you go LET the following states GO with you: WA, OR, NY

  2. Defund these criminals. In fact, start arresting the politicians for not abiding by our laws and Constitution. They want to be a separate entity, let them go. They are a drag on our country, they don’t want to obey laws, and they are trying to tear down our Constitutional Republic. Build the wall around the whole west coast. They have become lawless and anti-American.

    • Please don’t paint all Californians with the same brush, there are MANY of us here who do not agree with Sacramento. I do believe anyone, Sheriffs, District Attorneys, even the Governor should be arrested if they break federal law.

  3. Some people just don’t use their brain! Ignorance breeds destrustion! Have at it…you can choose the crime, but you can’t choose the consequences! You obviously hat your children and families to wish this upon them…you’ll see! Poor Fastherless children led by evil!

  4. Sorry but California would lose all their cheap “slave” labor from their cooks, housekeepers, maids, gardeners, fast-food places.. dishwashers.. you get the idea! And Gov. Brown is backing Obamacare and seems to be oblivious how many hospitals and a major trauma Ctr at Martin Luther King Drew in Watts closed where they desperately needed one! I know this as fact… worked with nurses who lost their jobs and were where I worked for four years!! He is only for the rich and famous when the poor struggle to survive there AND this is about “illegal ” immigrants.. did Trump stutter or are you Californians stupid to not see what is going on! And I worked at MLKD after Trauma Ctr closed!! Y’all are in more trouble than you know.. as far as Hollywood is concerned they are being boycotted by us Deplorables and eventually will feel it in their pockets because we are tired of all this BS! Anybody can do what Actors do but they can’t walk into an ER, ICU or hospital and save lives! Tv shows show what a lot of us have actually done in real life… not learned a script… including Grey’s Anatomy!!

    • There are 12 or 13+ MILLION ILLEGALS in OUR USA and they Learned QUICKLY to Produce as MANY BABIES as Possible so they could Qualify for Welfare & Food Stamps and MORE ! Then they would be able to live in OUR USA for FREE !! IF Trump really ! wants to STOP more Illegals from coming into OUR USA ,, then He should QUICKLY !! make the E-VERIFY LAW a lot Stronger so any Company that Hires any Illegals then the OWNER of that Company will go to JAIL for at least 5 YEARS !! and also Require a LARGE FINE the Company Owner will have to Pay or Stay in JAIL util the FINE is PAID in FULL . If 1 or 2 OWNERS were put in JAIL then EVERY OWNER of any Company would Follow the E-VERIFY LAW IMMEDIATELY !! because no one wants to go to JAIL because they hired an Illegal for LESS Pay . Then when the MEXICAN TV NEWS would broadcast that USA has a NEW Strong LAW named E-VERIFY that stops all ILLEGALS from getting WORK in OUR USA then no Mexican will want to come to OUR USA Illegally ,, WHY ?? SIMPLE !! NO WORK then they will not come to OUR USA !! Also we need to DEPORT all the MEXICAN GANGS and any Illegal who commits a CRIME !!

      I like all people EXCEPT CRIMINALS and the GANG ASSHOLES !!

      I also do NOT like how the SMART ! Mexicans will TEACH all other Mexicans HOW to USE our LAW to get a FREE way to get $$$ from our Government like having 1 or 2 or 3+ BABIES so they then can Qualify for FREE !! Food Stamps , $$$ , and Apartment , Etc. Etc.

      I am amazed at How STUPID our Government is by Allowing this to happen here in OUR USA !!

      Especially since our TV NEWS Stations will NOT Teach the American People that CRAP like that happens in OUR USA every Day !!

      I think the TV NEWS stations is AFRAID to tell the American People the 100% TRUTH about how our Government is really so CORRUPT !!

      Just like in the last 10 or 15 years we went from a Balanced Government to being 13 TRILLION Dollars in DEBT !! and we are NOW BANKRUPT or Very Very close to it .

      12 or 13 Million ILLEGALS are a Big DRAIN on the American Expenses .

      It will take 20++ YEARS !! to MAYBE Pay Back All of the TRILLIONS of our DEBTS !! if we are LUCKY to ever Pay those Debts in FULL . ??

      GOD Bless the USA !! we need his Help NOW more than ever before . AMEN !

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