Ted Cruz Just EXPOSED Fraudulent Democrats who are Blocking Neil Gorsuch!

This is NOT the first time Ted Cruz brought down the house. Monday, on Capitol Hill, Ted Cruz came swooping in to Neil Gorsuch’s rescue, while the judge has received a hard time from democrats who want to filibusterer during the Senate confirmation hearing. However, Ted Cruz just dropped a bomb and destroyed the hypocritical nonsense, while leaving the democrats speechless.

“And in November of last year, the American people had a choice. This was a referendum on Justice Scalia’s vacancy. And, the results of this election, I believe, was an overwhelming mandate for a Justice who will protect our individual liberties. Who will follow the Constitution. Who will follow the Bill of Rights. Who will follow the law given that the American people had the opportunity to vote and choose which path the court should go.”
“President Trump did an unprecedented step. He laid out a list of 21 specific nominees, and he promised the American people he would nominate from that list. I am not aware of any president in history who has done the same thing, who has laid out for the American people.” Ted Cruz

They [Democrats] knew a very different vision that Hillary Clinton promised. Hillary Clinton promised to nominate liberal judicial activists, who would undermine free speech, who would undermine the Second Amendment, who would undermine religious liberty.
You know, it’s interesting that a number of Democratic senators have talked about what they call dark money. Organizations that are expressly free speech to share their views about judge Gorsuch. There’s an irony to the attack of my Democratic colleagues, because it is indeed because of dark money from corporations that we are seeing this democratic filibuster.
It is politics and the politics are then in the Democratic Party. There are outside groups that are corporations. Mind you they are “organized” and formally incorporated that are spending vast sums of money to organize left-wing activists, to put political pressure on Senate Democrats. And, it is that political pressure which is yielding the unprecedented results here. A Democratic senator some weeks ago told me in a moment of candor, you got to understand all of us on the Democratic side were afraid of being primary from the left. We’re afraid of doing anything other than opposing Trump on everything. That’s what we’re saying. Playing out it is the action of a handful of left-wing billionaires spending money to organize activists on the ground that are in effect holding Democratic senators hostage.
Now, that may be a reality of politics, that unfortunate reality of politics and where we are, but it is not a sound and principled reason to reject a Supreme Court justice who is unquestionably qualified, and whose nomination enjoys the imprimatur of the American people voting an election and choosing the kind of Justice that should replace Justice Scalia.
This week the Senate, I am convinced, will confirm judge Gorsuch is the next associate justice on the Supreme Court, and when that happens that will be a victory for individual liberty. It will be a victory for the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and it will be a victory for the people!
**If you agree it’s time to CONFIRM Neil Gorsuch, share this message from Ted Cruz.**

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