NEWSJUST IN: Trump Moves to PUNISH Welfare Abusers

Welfare leeches and drug addicts who abuse the system will no longer be tolerated. We’ve entered a new era, and the future looks bright.

President Donald Trump, with the help of Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Kevin Brady, signed legislation to allow states to drug test a larger number of unemployment and welfare applicants.

“Under the previous administration, the Department of Labor undermined the ability of states to conduct drug testing in their programs as permitted by Congress. This rule was yet another example of executive overreach by the Obama administration, and I commend President Trump for signing this resolution into law,” wrote Cruz in his official statement.

By drug testing those applying for unemployment and welfare, the states can ensure our taxes are being spent wisely. While the Obama administration was clearly fine with welfare leeches spending taxpayer money and not earning their own — while using drugs — Trump is not.

“After five years of battling with the Obama Department of Labor, states like Texas will now be allowed to drug test folks on unemployment to ensure they are job ready from day one. This is a win for families, workers, job creators, and local economies,” Brady wrote.

The bill is currently being opposed by the Drug Policy Alliance and the American Civil Liberties Union.

Neither of these groups seem to realize they’re not helping anyone by allowing addicts to stay addicted to drugs. Ted Cruz has already said as much in his official statement.

President Trump is well-aware of the welfare and unemployment abuse in our country, and he’s vowed to stop it — even going so far as to “punish” those who accept the money fraudulently. This is something we would have NEVER seen under the previous administration.

With this new bill in place, only clean Americans will be given tax dollars. Only those truly in need, NOT those wasting money on narcotics, will be given aid. Thanks to President Trump, we’re well on our way to having a welfare system that cannot be abused.

Currently, very few states test applicants for drugs before the government handouts begin. Some states, including liberal California, are against this bill, saying it infringes on their rights as states. To them we say: get clean, and you’ll have nothing to fear!

President Trump is continuing his promise to put respectable citizens FIRST and keep our money in OUR pockets. Thank you, Mr. President.

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