BREAKING: One Of America’s Most Vile Serial Killers Just Received SHOCKING Dose Of Prison Justice

BREAKING: One Of America’s Most Vile Serial Killers Just Received SHOCKING Dose Of Prison Justice

One of America’s most vile serial killers has received a lethal dose of prison justice. The 64-year-old mass murderer, Donald Harvey, was found beaten, bloody, and nearly lifeless in his cell. Upon finding him in this condition, the prison did what they’re supposed to do when someone gets jacked up, but Harvey later succumbed to his injuries and now he’s as lifeless as the 87 people he claimed to have murdered.

Harvey was serving 28 consecutive life sentences for the claim of murdering 87 victims during his time serving as the “angel of death” to put patients to death using sickly methods during his time as an orderly in a hospital. His patients couldn’t even fight back.

Looks like someone in jail was tired of Harvey waking up every day, so they gave him a nasty beat-down that put a stop to his waking moments in the Toledo State Prison. The mass murderer was 64-years-old and this brutal nasty beating was probably well deserved.

Harvey was an American serial killer who claimed to have murdered 87 people, though official estimates are that he has from 37 to 57 victims. Harvey said he started out killing to “ease the pain” of patients. As time progressed, he began to enjoy it more and more and became a self-described “angel of death”. Harvey was serving 28 life sentences at the Toledo Correctional Institution in Toledo, Ohio, having pleaded guilty to murder charges to avoid the death penalty.

Good for him. Why was he serving consecutive life sentences instead of being zapped or filled with poison? When you’re THAT guilty of murder, then you really should be tortured or put out of your misery. That’s our taxes at work, paying to keep someone alive who spent his life taking the life of others.

Harvey worked as an orderly in a hospital and targeted helpless patients who were unable to fight back. He would kill them using sick ways, such as poking iron hangers into people’s catheters and puncturing their organs, causing internal bleeding that contributed to further complications. Eventually, he began murdering others, such as neighbors, simply because he wanted to. It was like he was addicted to murder.

Whoever the prisoner is who beat Harvey – good job. You deserve a few years off your sentence for doing the public real justice.

Violence shouldn’t be condoned, but when it’s used to put a murderer to rest, then I believe it’s fully acceptable.

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