WATCH What Immediately Happens When ICE Tells Illegal Thugs They’re About To Be DEPORTED

WATCH What Immediately Happens When ICE Tells Illegal Thugs They’re About To Be DEPORTED

Immigration reform has been at the forefront of the Trump administration’s priority list. They started with the two temporary travel bans that halted immigration from several countries in the Middle East. Now they are on to ICE raids that will lead to the detainment of criminal illegal aliens. These raids have led to the arrest of thugs that aren’t too pleased with their circumstances.

Those who emigrate here legally should be afforded all the privileges that citizens get. But if an individual comes here illegally they don’t deserve our mercy. They deserve to be treated as the criminals they are. As a result of the President’s new orders, border crossings have significantly decreased.

Watch below as many criminal thugs are arrested during raids seeking to find undocumented criminal illegal aliens. Their reactions are not at all surprising. They aren’t too happy when ICE officials tell them that deportation is the next stop on their list.

Over six hundred and eighty foreign nationals were arrested just last week in a series of targeted enforcement operations conducted under ICE’s jurisdiction. The President’s plan is working after all. The raids focused primarily on at-large criminal aliens, re-entrants, and immigration fugitives. Not on families as the mainstream liberal media would have everyone believe.

Companies should be spending money on people who live in our country to work in their factories. They should not be incentivized to import illegal aliens for the purposes of exploiting the cheap labor. Ultimately, it ends in these arrests. These thugs showed police exactly why they should not be living in the United States during the video of this raid.

The United States is better off with fewer criminals and these raids will decrease the number of illegal aliens we have to deal with. All thanks to President Trump.

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