Liberals DEMAND Fox Fire O’Reilly For Joking About Maxine Waters For Wearing ‘James Brown wig’

The same beguiling liberal hacks who have delighted in watching President Donald Trump and his family, including his 11-year-old child Barron, be taunted and embarrassed over everything from their outward appearances to their hairdos, tossed a conniption this week after Fox News have Bill O’Reilly jabbed fun at California Rep. Maxine Waters over her uncommon haircut.

Speaking Monday morning on “Fox and Friends,” subsequent to having quite recently viewed a playback of Waters raging on the House floor, O’Reilly noticed that he scarcely heard a word she had stated, as he had been excessively caught up with “taking a gander at the James Brown wig” on her head. He then lined that joke up with a sudden compliment.

“She’s a genuine individual — whatever she says she trusts,” he said. “I cherish you, Maxine. I need to see you on ‘The Factor.’ And when hellfire solidifies over, I’m certain that will happen.”

Tune in to the full section beneath, and keep your ears peeled for an extra compliment the Fox News have had for the California delegate:

Did you get that? He communicated his conviction that Waters was an “exceptionally appealing” lady. O’Reilly additionally made it liberally obvious that he had implied the James Brown comment as a joke. Nothing more. Nothing less. Case shut.

However close to this fragment airing, enormous “shock” started spreading all over online networking, with an untold number of liberals ridiculing O’Reilly as a bigot, a sexist, a sexist, and so on. Also, obviously, the fake liberal media got the story too, pursuing piece about O’Reilly’s affirmed “history of racial comments” (CNN) and other such bull.

The liberal reaction to the host’s harmless joke would be entertaining on the off chance that it were not all that average of the mentality of a contemporary snowflake.

Somebody please clarify how similar hacks who commend hoodlum rappers and even lauded a current “murder dream” rap music video about the president can stay here and act holier than thou over a basic joke. It’s a ridiculous, though impeccable, case of liberal lip service best case scenario.


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