WATCH: Muslim Welfare Queen Confronted For Welfare Fraud!

A large number of hard-working Americans slave that are putting 40+ hour work per week just to survive month for month, while the other half of society is sitting on their butts enjoying and collecting a fat welfare check. But on top of that, they enjoy all the luxury our society has to offer for free, that the rest of us work so hard to earn.

And after you see what this Muslim on welfare was caught doing at his local grocery store, will make you lose your patience.

While purchasing items from his local grocery store, a lawyer in New York encountered a Muslim woman buying a huge cart full of soda, using only her food stamp card. From a quick conversation, he quickly found out that the pack of sodas she was buying were not for her or her family, but she purchased them with the goal of re-selling them at her convenience store.

After learning this, he confronted the Muslim woman in the parking lot to tell her that what she is doing is basically stealing money from taxpayers, which causes her to lash out violently, on a foul-mouthed rage, where…. WATCH THE VIDEO BELLOW

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