BREAKING: Paul Ryan Will Be REPLACED – Guess Who Takes His Seat

The entire healthcare fiasco has been quite a bad thing for the Republicans. It was pulled right before yesterday’s voting. There was not enough support needed to be able to pass. Now, it seems more and more like Paul Ryan may be resigning his Speaker of the House position.

President Trump has been mostly silent about the most recent revelations including the unsuccessful bill. But his administration did leave this as an answer to Paul Ryan:
“This is one more example of the staff not working suitably for the president and the faulty speakership of Ryan. This pops into question yet again the speaker’s determination to support Donald Trump and his plan. Speaker Ryan showed today that he does not have the best intentions of the President at heart. He sold out the President and proved that his word can be taken with a grain of salt. There is only one thing left to do that ought to be taken to move beyond this catastrophe and that is the quick replacement of Paul Ryan from the speakership.”

The removal of the Speaker has to be voted upon, which means Trump is unable to just fire him from his position. Nevertheless, if President Trump could gather enough support for a particular person to replace Ryan, he could have a real shot.

That is where Trey Gowdy steps in. He has been tearing it up in the hearings concerning Comey and the FBI. He might be a brilliant replacement for Ryan. He is already familiar with the ins and outs of the House, and has proven that he is prepared to follow President Trump.

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  1. Underestimating President Trump? Do you really think he had no “what if’s” for the HealthCare bill? Any chance the Conservative group was used as his bail-out? The bill Ryan had which was in play turned out to be unacceptable. The quality of that bill was the result of Ryans doing. That is what Ryan has to be responsible for. Word is that since he has been speaker, he has only passed three bills. Ryan would make a good “Boy Scout leader, but he really is not strong enough to be “The Speaker of the House”. Trump lost nothing since the Democrats name is on the failing ObamaCare.

  2. I Love Trey Gowdy!!!:) He is a very strong Personality!!!!:) I wanted to give Speaker Paul Ryan the benefit of the Doubt, and thought he deserved a chance to change!!!:( Not too sure what I think now!!! But if Speaker Ryan is going to be replaced, No one better for the Job, than Trey Gowdy!!!!:) I really hope he is the one!!!!:) He will kick people’s Asses into shape!!!!:)

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