You Won’t BELIEVE Who Just Showed Up To WH – Look What’s Happening In Oval Office Now!

You Won’t BELIEVE Who Just Showed Up To WH – Look What’s Happening In Oval Office Now!

If you haven’t realized the significant of today yet, you’re about to. President Trump took it upon himself to invite a few decorated veterans to the White House on Friday so that they could all be celebrated for Medal of Honor Day.

This day is actually a real holiday, even though it has only been recognized off and on throughout the years…I wonder why?

Anyways, the mostly unrecognized holiday didn’t slip past the White House this time year, and whether or not it’s just for show by the administration, it nevertheless honors the veterans who went above and beyond to serve their country and fellow servicemen and women. These Medal of Honor recipients are heroes that never tried to be but acted in ways that saved lives, and really, worked miracles on the battle field.

In reference to these warriors, Trump announced:

“You are the soul of a nation and a grateful republic salutes you. Each of you has risen above the call of duty in defense of our country, our people and our flag.”

There were about 25 honorees who took the invite and were in attendance in the Oval Office with the President. In turn, Trump even said that it was a “great honor” to even be in the same room with what he called, “very brave” honorees.

Medal of Honor Day became a formalized holiday by Congress back in 1990. The very next year it was honored by the administration…But after that, it rarely got any attention. In 2009, Barack Obama went on to visit Arlington National Cemetery on that special day, but no other year was there any acknowledgement…It’s kind of strange that the first year of Obama’s time in office, he would make a show of it…Yet, it quickly died out the rest of his term in office…

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