Thug Who Harassed Cops In Coffee Shop Calls Them For Help Soon After — Gets WRECKED Instead!

A few days ago, I got the chance to share with you a video of a young man harassing and attempting to humiliate uniformed police officers who were getting coffee at a gas station. The officers were unphased and didn’t give take the bait that this little punk threw out for them.

Thug Who Harassed Cops In Coffee Shop Calls Them For Help Soon After — Gets WRECKED Instead!

He was obviously trying to make himself into some kind of icon, either by being able to publically harras the officers or by their using reasonable force to instill a little respect into their lives. That video ends with them realizing someone else has entered and thinking that the police called for backup.

Here’s the video again, in case you missed it. (WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE)

It’s ok to smile a little about what happened next. I know I did.

NYPD Lt. John Grumpel on Monday shared with TheBlaze a sobering message for the “clown” if he ever were the victim of a crime: “We’d be the first to respond.”

Turns out Grumpel’s words were right on the money.

A video has surfaced from another user and another angle that shows what instant karma looks like. Another occupant of the store decided to get in the first little punks face and give him a taste of his own medicine. It’s unclear what incited the retaliation, but I’m sorry to say that it makes me kind of happy to see.

Turns out this entitled little prick does have a use for police after all. He needs a human shield when another tiny little human decides to confront him about something. It’s easy to talk a good game when things are going well, and you don’t think you need anyone for anything. It’s another to stand your ignorant and unfounded ground when you’re seeing your sad little life flash before your narrow-minded eyes.

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