Fed-Up Michigan Residents Just Took Their Town Back From Muslims— Look What’s Happening Now!


The Great Lakes region isn’t just known for their beautiful scenery but for their sanctuary cities. The city of Sterling Heights in Michigan is one of those towns. The Muslim population banded together to get approval to build a mosque but they were shut down vehemently. They didn’t like that very much so they attacked back with full force. After harassing the town for long enough they ánally got approval for their mosque. Despite the fact that the population in the town is majority Chaldean Christian. Many of its citizens are Christians who âed Iraq because they were persecuted for their faith. Those same Christians were shut down when they expressed opposition at a town meeting. Cities are afraid now about getting hit with lawsuits over discrimination that they are willing to cave into anyone’s demands. But the American Freedom Law Center is ághting back on behalf of seven of the Christian residents in the community. They have áled a civil rights lawsuit against the Mayor Michael C. Taylor.

On March 10th the city authorized the zoning ordinance for the mosque to start construction. Now attorneys are seeking to overrule that ánding. Despite the fact that initially building the mosque was a zoning ordinance violation. Lawyers for the Christian plaintiffs said,

They were pulling no punches either, they continued on saying, Itching This Part of Your Body Is a Sign of Alzheimer’s “It is evident that AICC wanted to ‘plant the âag’ in this Chaldean Christian community by building this huge Mosque. This is a community of Christians, many of whom âed Iraq because they or family members were subjected to violence and abuse from ISIS. Indeed, AICC’s zoning application was a joke. It knew the City would reject it. Consequently, its lawsuit, which has now resulted in the Consent Judgment, was a complete set up. Unfortunately, Sterling Heights isn’t the only place where these Mosque-building tactics are being employed. We will do what we can to stop it.”

“It is evident that the City caved in to the unreasonable demands made by AICC when the Obama Department of Justice got involved in that case by áling its own lawsuit. The legally obnoxious conduct by Mayor Taylor and the remnants of the Obama DOJ is why the new Attorney General Jeff Sessions needs to clean house and far more deeply than just the political appointees. It is precisely the corrupt bureaucratic underbrush that hides and otherwise disguises the swamp that is big government in D.C. AFLC will do what it can through the courts, but Attorney General Sessions ought to take a look at our complaint and understand what his constitutionally perverse underlings are attempting to accomplish through this illegal Consent Judgment.”

It’s good to know that persecuted Christians are ánally sticking up for themselves against this politically correct agenda.

source: http://politicsusanews.com/

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