Chaz Bono Insults Trump Supporters… Hannity Torches Him With PERFECT Comeback!

Speculation over whether the Russians were behind the infamous election hacking of 2016 got a new boost of media attention after Wikileaks published a trove of documents exposing how the CIA could potentially manipulate date to make it look like the Russians hacked something.

Fox News’ Sean Hannity was particularly interested in this development, and went on Twitter to ask Wikileaks if the website had any confirmed instances where the CIA had actually used this technique, BizPac Review reported.

Actor Chaz Bono (who was born a female but became a male), took issue with Hannity’s tweet and quickly replied to him on Twitter, calling him a “traitor” and all the usual liberal talking points.

“So is the new Right, all Putin loving, reality denying, traitors to the principals our country was founded on, Fascists, Just Like Trump?” Bono tweeted.

Hannity, never one to let a good argument pass him by, quickly shot back, calling Bono “ignorant,” a “typical Hollywood phony,” and encouraged him to educate himself before sounding off on Twitter.

“Chaz come on my TV show so I can expose to all what a hypocrite you are and that you’re dumber than dirt,” Hannity tweeted out at the end of his Twitter replies.


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