“He Will Be Probed!” FBI Director Comey Learns his Fate.

“He Will Be Probed!” FBI Director Comey Learns his Fate.

As the House Intelligence Committee gears up for its investigation into allegations of Russian influence in the 2016 presidential election, Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., said FBI Director James Comey will not receive special treatment.

During the last election, Americans were able to see first-hand the special treatment powerful politicians like Hillary Clinton got from the FBI.

Even though there were loads of evidence proving Hillary’s wrongdoing, she was allowed to get away with her crimes scott free.  She blamed everyone and everything for her crimes to stay afloat in the election.

The big boogie man that the Democrats propped up this time around was Russia. For months we heard claims that “The Russians did it.”

Now there are official investigations into these claims, and while Hillary may have got special treatment, it seems that FBI Director Comey will not.

He’s not infallible. He’s a witness like every other witness: He’s going to be examined, he’s going to be cross-examined. He’s going to be tested, he’s going to be probed. And ultimately, you and your viewers will be able to determine whether or not he is credible and believable,” Gowdy said.

Although he will only be a “witness” in this case (as of this time), Comey will be subject to the same treatment as everyone else.

This would be a nice change of pace considering all of the elitism displayed during the last election.

Comey has come under a lot of heat from both sides of the aisle. First, he would not recommend charges against Hillary despite the mountain of evidence against her.

Then he made a half-assed attempt to recover his reputation by reopening the investigation into Hillary at the last moment, possibly costing her the election. Even after going that far he still refused to recommend charges be filed against Hillary.

As it was later discovered, the FBI paid a foreign agent (who was opposed to them investigating Hillary) to continue an “investigation” of Trump’s nonexistent ties to the Russians.

Comey was trying to please everyone while “secretly” helping Hillary and ended up make an enemy out of everyone.

Although Gowdy would not divulge what he expects to be revealed, he suggested Americans “keep an open mind” about media reports that have claimed there were extensive connections between Russia and the Trump administration.

 I do not know what the results of this “investigation” will be however if this inquiry digs deep enough I suspect that Comey may end up in even more trouble than he is now.

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