BREAKING NEWS: Officers Announce Obama Will Be Hit With FELONY INDICTMENT. Support?

BREAKING NEWS: Officers Announce Obama Will Be Hit With FELONY INDICTMENT. Support?

This past weekend, President Trump was sending out tweets with allegations of Obama wiretapping Trump Tower. It seems we’ve finally found the scandal that will end Obama.

“This could be the first time a former president could be indicted for a felony,” said retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Shaffer. “Because I think it is very possible that he acted outside of the scope of his duties, responsibilities, and authorities to turn the resources of a nation-state on a candidate.

Finally! It’s about time one of his crimes was brought to justice.

While the liberals have been whining about the allegations being false, there is evidence to the contrary, and I think it’s well within Obama’s character to do such a thing.

Shaffer has had a very long career in the military as well as in the intelligence community, so he knows a thing or two about analyzing data. Also, he is currently a senior fellow at the London Center for Policy Research, so his opinion is bound to carry more weight than the biased mainstream media or the corrupt Democrats.

Realizing just how insidious this is, Colonel Tony Shaffer also stated that the reported incident is an “order of magnitude” bigger than the Watergate scandal.

The problem with this move from Obama is that you just can’t use your presidential powers to interfere with an election — never mind the presidential election. We don’t live in a dictatorship. We the People get to decide who is the next president, and the current president is honor bound to accept our will.

This is Soviet Union-level wrongdoing. It reeks of communism where the state feels it is entitled to control everything. That is simply not how America is supposed to work.

Obama’s tactic failed, of course, but he still needs to be held responsible for what he tried to do and for any harm he dealt out along the way. I mean, he tried to get a criminal elected into the Oval Office to maintain liberal control of this country. It doesn’t get worse than that.

It looks like Obama’s corrupt antics are finally catching up to him, and in a Republican-controlled Senate and House there is no one with enough pull to save him. We’ve pulled the plug on the swamp, and now it’s time to make sure it all drains down.

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