BREAKING: FBI Opens HUGE 300-Person Investigation, Trump Was Right About EVERYTHING!


President Donald Trump was right again: the refugees in our country are TROUBLE!

The FBI is investigating 300 refugees for terrorism in the U.S., according to a statement from a Homeland Security official. They said this is a “truly alarming number,” and that there are 1,000 additional investigations that may be domestic terrorists connected to ISIS, via The Daily Caller.

Two terrorist attacks committed by Somalian refugees have inflicted damage on more than 20 Americans in this past year alone.

In another case involving a Somalian refugee, the man tried to detonate a bomb at a Christmas tree lighting event in Portland, Oregon. He was sent to prison for 30 years when he was arrested in 2014.

This DHS official, who chose to remain anonymous, came forward with the above report right when President Trump gave the executive order to stop the flow of refugees coming from the Middle East for 90 days, which the liberals raged over.

If you choose not to believe in an anonymous account, Jeff Sessions, our attorney general, confirmed this report during the signing of Trump’s new executive order.

Around 4,300 refugees have come into America in one month alone since a federal judge unlawfully blocked Trump’s order to stop the entry of refugees. The new executive order, which will be in effect on March 16, once again stops refugees from entering this country so that the government can instill a more effective vetting process.

This executive order differs slightly from the old one. The old one had an indefinite ban on refugees from Syria whereas the new one does not. Hopefully, this will show the liberals that it really is just a temporary precaution so that we can better screen these people before they enter America.

While the liberals choose to believe these refugees are harmless, and that they should be welcomed with open arms, this is not the case. Just look at the current state of Europe, which is overrun by refugees and has had severe increases in violence, rape, and murders.

Look at our own country, which has seen several attacks in 2016 alone — from not only Muslim Americans but from Muslim refugees as well, yet liberals dare to complain that we are being “cruel” and “Islamophobic?”

Fear is taught — it doesn’t come naturally. Children are taught to be afraid of the stove because they will get burned if they touch it. Some kids take the comment at face value, but others have to learn the hard way — and they get burned. Well, the threats of radical Islamic terrorism have burned the American people. We have finally learned our lesson.

Most Muslim refugees have shown, through their actions in America and Europe, that they have no wish to assimilate to the countries and cultures kind or foolish enough to take them in. They attack women who don’t cover up, kill gays, and inflict their often-violent religion on countries that hold different values. This ban, and the stricter vetting, is necessary — and the sooner the liberals realize it, the better.

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