Ivanka Trump Hit With MAJOR Accusation – She Needs Our Support

Ivanka Trump Hit With MAJOR Accusation – She Needs Our Support

The liberal media has been on a mission to destroy Ivanka Trump ever since her father won the presidential election. Now, they have stooped to a new low to attack Ivanka…

Anne Helen Petersen, Buzzfeed’s senior culture writer, wrote a disgusting piece this week in which she accused Ivanka of downplaying her Jewish faith so she can “remain as publicly palatable as possible.”

“Together, they compose a particularly 21st-century propaganda aesthetic — one that attempts to blind us to the discrimination and destruction committed by her father and performed in the name of rebuilding America,” Petersen concluded in her article, according to The Daily Caller. She claimed to come to this conclusion after analyzing Ivanka’s social media accounts.

Petersen whined that the Trumps have not been vocal enough about the recent anti-Semitic bomb threats to Jewish community centers and vandalism of Jewish cemeteries. She also complained that most Americans are too uneducated to understand that “#JCC” would mean Jewish Community Centers in Ivanka’s tweet on the subject.

“There was no invocation of her own identity as a Jew, and in fact, no invocation of Jewishness at all — save the hashtag, #JCC, whose meaning, for most, would remain opaque,” she wrote.

Petersen then accused Ivanka of being “ashamed” of her faith.

“Which isn’t to suggest that Ivanka is ashamed, per se, of being Jewish; rather, she understands that to remain as publicly palatable as possible, Jewishness cannot be central to her public identity,” she wrote.

It’s horrifying that liberals are now attacking Ivanka for her religion. SHARE this story if you support Ivanka Trump!

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