Gowdy Exposes Sick Truth Democrats Will Never Admit!

Trey Gowdy has earned a reputation for protecting the integrity of our nation’s justice system. Now, Gowdy has come forward in defense of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who became a target for liberal media outlets last week.

In a recent appearance on Mike Gallagher’s radio show on Friday, he discussed Sessions’ decision to recuse himself in any matters regarding Russia. Many Democrats have been demanding that he resign over two meetings he had with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislayk, which he did not reveal during his confirmation.

Gowdy acknowledged that Sessions did the right thing by recusing himself, but noted that his actions were “not tantamount to perjury.”

“I thought it was the right decision,” Gowdy said. “You should recuse yourself, obviously, if there’s an actual conflict, but you should frankly recuse yourself if there’s a perception of conflict which would impact people’s ability to trust the result and process.”

Gowdy then turned his attention to the hypocrisy of the Democrats attacking Sessions.

“The reality is, Jeff Sessions is not going to be in the courtroom prosecuting this case,” Gowdy argued. “If it was good enough for the media for Holder and Lynch, look—it exposes their hypocrisy all of the sudden about Sessions, but did you ever hear the media call for special counsel for President Obama?”

“I feel like I’m watching ‘The Notebook,’” Gowdy joked. “They’ve fallen in love with the special counsel regulation they didn’t know existed a few months ago.”


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