Carson Sworn In As Secretary of Department of Housing and Urban Development!

Ben Carson has been confirmed as the secretary of Housing and Urban Development. He was just narrowly confirmed with a vote of 58-41. Dr. Carson even got the vote of 6 Democrats to help him win the nomination.

However, Liberals still think this is another outrage as it was Trump who made the nomination. But Carson has experience dealing with this kind of life. He should be proud to call himself the Secretary. Now it is time for him to work. There is much to be done within this department and with a budget of close to $80 billion he should have no problem getting started.

Carson lived in subsidized housing for much of his childhood. He knows what it is like to live in the poor communities where the vast majority of occupants are people of color. As one on President Trumps aides Armstrong Williams says, “Dr. Carson may have aspired to become a world-renowned pediatric surgeon and a presidential candidate, but he’s never lost the human touch with people.”

With Dr. Carson’s background and education we should be getting ready to see an extremely successful run as Secretary of the HUD. I personally cannot wait to see what kind of improvements he makes to a crumbling department like this. There is no where to go but up for this Neurosurgeon.

What do you guys think about this nomination?

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