Robert Kennedy Jr Drops Trump BOMBSHELL On CNN…Even Trump Is STUNNED! VIDEO

Robert Kennedy Jr Drops Trump BOMBSHELL On CNN…Even Trump Is STUNNED! VIDEO

The mainstream media loves to march out celebrities and talking heads to bash Trump whenever they can.

The rich and famous in Hollywood have made a habit of trashing conservatives as a means to get their names back in the press and score a few points with liberals.

Since Trump became president, the liberal elites have taken their hateful rhetoric to the next level, using their awards shows and platforms to spew venom at half of America.

As reported by the Conservative Tribune, the liberal media thought they would trot out Robert Kennedy Jr. to do more of the same, but he shocked viewers with what he said instead.

On CNN, Kennedy was brought on to talk about the prospects of the Trump presidency.

Rather than join in with the network’s propaganda effort, the liberal Kennedy had the audacity to say something good about Trump.

Talking with left-wing news anchor Don Lemon, Kennedy said:

Well, I think Donald Trump can be, you know, any kind of president he wants.”

“He’s actually — he has this extraordinary opportunity because he’s coming into office less burdened by obligation than probably any president in our history with the possible exception of Andrew Jackson.

Lemon asked incredulously if the comparisons being made were appropriate and Kennedy responded, “Like I said, I think he can be any kind of president he wants. I think he could be the greatest president in history if he wanted to.”

The folks at CNN thought they would invite the left-wing Kennedy on their program and use his name and criticism to bolster their case against Trump.

Surprisingly, he instead offered a fair and honest assessment of Trump, rather than give into blind ideological hatred.

So typical of the Left that they expect anyone that’s on their “team” to just automatically march in lockstep and spout the same verbal diarrhea.

But Kennedy shows that while their numbers are few, there are still some liberals out they’re capable of rational, independent thought.

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