BREAKING: Trump Cancels Funding For Obama’s Free House And Library–Michelle FURIOUS!

Donald Trump continues to buck the establishment’s system by doing things the way he wants them done. After learning that President Obama ordered the Department of Education’s library division to divert more than $8 million in funds to a fund to build the next Presidential Library, Trump wrote the order rescinding it and putting the money into improving the education of privately held charter schools instead.

The order, which will hold no power until after the inauguration, is just one of a growing list Trump keeps in a folder ready to sign as soon as he’s sworn in. Michelle Obama, who was going to get a free home on the top floor of the new building that was rumored to be a replica of the White House Residence, was reportedly so upset at the news that she canceled her plans to attend the annual Kumonawanna pig roast in Honolulu.

The library division has been using taxpayer funds to build Presidential libraries since John Adams had his erected in Bridgeport, Connecticut in 1806. Obama will be the first president since Washington, who formed the division but never conceived of a library for himself. As a matter of custom, Democrats tend to include a residence for themselves to live out their days while Republicans are content to use the leftovers from their campaign funds to pay for their own private housing or upgrade their existing homes.

Obama will have no recourse but to try to raise the money or pay for the project himself, but without the big donors and connections of a great Republican president, he’ll probably be stuck buying something that looks like a Bush’s guest home.


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  1. He doesn’t deserve a Library paid for by American people! He did almost zero as President and destroyed our Country!!
    He just sold a book, as did Michelle they can well afford their own Library and their own home too.
    I would like to know how they saved 9 million dollars in 8 years on his salary of $400,000 coming into the White House with 1.3 million dollars and leaving with over $12.8 million dollars, interesting. Even hedge funds don’t pay that much interest!
    And he supposedly donated millions. Where did the multiple millions come from?
    They need to do a massive accounting of Monroe’s. Even HILLARY’S bank account is multiple millions and she told Barbara Walters they left broke and in debt?
    Millions disappeared when she was in office at the White House too????
    I want a accounting as a American of all missing money by Obama and Hillary.
    She stole some probably from the Clinton Foundation!
    And how do broke parents have a young daughter ( Chelsea) who paid several hundred million for a NYC apartment??

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