It’s Happening! Trump Takes 1st Real Steps To Fulll BIG Campaign Promise!

Donald Trump embraces the American flag , workers mend a section of broken fence along the US-Mexican border (right). President Donald Trump made many huge campaign promises to the American people — promises he’s already begun to fulfill. In keeping his word to the American people, he’s now taken the first steps to making his biggest promise a reality, and the timeline and how everything will work has finally been revealed. The Trump administration is now asking for bids from companies who wish to help build the wall along the border we share with Mexico to help stop the flood of illegal immigrants and potential terrorists into the United States.

But, the good news doesn’t stop there. Now, the Trump administration also has a time limit in mind, and by mid-April, they plan to begin handing out contracts to erect the over 2000 mile long wall.

It looks like those who wish to earn the contract had better hustle, though. Trump is wanting this wall up and soon, according to the timeline. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency will begin requesting bids around March 6 of this year. Prototypes will need to be submitted by interested companies by March 10, and the contractors will be weeded out and narrowed down by March 20. By March 24, the finalists must submit a final offer with a total cost.

Trump did tell the Conservative Political Action Conference Friday that construction of the wall will begin “very soon” and that it is “way, way, way ahead of schedule.” Congress will still have to allocate the funds for the wall, and there has no yet been any word on when that could take place. Estimates for the cost of the border wall range from $12 billion to $15 billion and even all the way up to $21 billion, according to some sources. Although that doesn’t make for an inexpensive project, Trump, as well as many Americans, feel it is detrimental to the economy to leave our border open, plus, the American people who voted for Donald Trump wanted to see a wall put up.

Donald Trump is actually doing what he promised the American people he would do if elected president. He promised a wall to help stop violent criminals and drug lords from entering the United States. He promised a wall to help protect the American people from terrorism. He promised a wall to help grow the economy and put Americans First.

Now, all of the promises are coming to fruition, and we could see some building of the wall beginning as early as by the end of April.

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