Sheriff Clarke: “I’m tired of these Liberal Bastards!” Listen to what Sheriff Clarke wants to do! Awesome!!

Friday night Milwaukee Sheriff David C. Clark appeared with Sean Hannity on FOX News. There were over 700 murders in the city of Chicago last year and and Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel are either unable or unwilling to do anything to remedy the problem.

When the discussion of the murders in Chicago came up, Sheriff Clarke was willing to voice his opinion.

Here is Sheriff Clarke’s take to the Chicago situation and a remedy for it.  If you agree with the Sheriff, please SHARE this!


“I find nothing funny about black people being slaughtered in the streets of Chicago and, Sean, I’m tired of these little bastards like the ones we heard from last night poking fun at this is if there’s anything to make a joke about. They would not be doing this if gays and lesbians were being slaughtered in the city of Chicago. They wouldn’t be doing it if Muslims were being slaughtered in the city of Chicago, but they think it’s okay with blacks because they don’t need blacks right now because it’s not an election cycle.

So they think they can poke fun at them and with impunity. Donald Trump is the only elected official other than me, I’ll say it again. the only elected official other than me that has said anything and is demanding action to bring a new quality of life to black  people living in the American ghetto. He is going to  fix this and I’m going to help.”  

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  1. You Sir are always the first to stand up for what is right. Please help us to shut down Hollywood and the Brain Dead liberals there. That whole State needs to be walled off

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