BREAKING: NOT the Russians! Three Muslim brothers caught hacking into Congressional Computers. This is HUGE folks!

This is big folks. This is very very big! The Obama administration had three Muslim brothers, all in their early 20’s, getting paid $500,000 combined per year, as IT employees. One of these three had a criminal record. They were fired last Thursday, but have not been arrested yet. They broke in to congress people’s computers unauthorized, and they did so in the foreign intelligence, foreign affairs, and intelligence committees.

The three Muslim Brothers Abid, Imran, and Jamal Awan were fired from Congress and may be linked to the Muslim brotherhood or terrorism. They have been fired, but not arrested yet.

If you agree the the CLM (CROOKED LIBERAL MEDIA) needs to quit lying, printing FAKE NEWS, and start covering what President Trump is doing to fix our country, then please SHARE SHARE SHARE this with everyone you know!  

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