Hillary Ruins Nasty Mouth at Trump, Then Kellyanne Shuts Her Up for GOOD!

Although it was nice when crooked Hillary Clinton was hiding in her cave after losing the election, those days are over. Unfortunately for her, after running her nasty mouth about President Donald Trump, things just blew up in her face – and it didn’t take Kellyanne Conway long to shut up the spiteful liberal for good.

As most of the country is aware, a federal appeals court ruled to maintain the freeze on Trump’s executive order, temporarily banning travel from countries known to breed terror. Although Trump states that he’ll take it to court, the left has been praising the ruling despite a heavy objection to the legality behind it. Wanting to get her digs in, Hillary Clinton hopped on the gloating bandwagon and put the screws to the man she lost the election too.

Of course, she’s referring to the ruling, and the evil woman’s minions immediately took to praising her for the comment – but her smile would soon fade. Before long, Trump’s adviser, Kellyanne Conway saw the message and decided to set the record straight as she dropped a deafening tweet that would shut Hillary up for good.

BOOM! Just like that, Kellyanne listed the three states that Hillary thought she was going to win to ensure her the presidency — all of which, she lost to Trump. It just goes to show that, sometimes, humility can save you quite a bit of embarrassment in the long run. Hillary Clinton can gloat all she wants and make snide remarks out of spite, but at the end of the day, Hillary lost. Donald Trump is president and she will be nothing more than a distant memory that will eventually be forgotten. Even worse yet for her, her most recent comment – like all the rest – she will soon be eating. Trump only has to win once, and seeing how the majority of legal opinion on the most recent ruling disagrees with the court’s decision, well, let’s just say it won’t be long before his executive order is back in effect and fully validated.

You’d think that Hillary would get tired of embarrassing herself the way that she does, but she just keeps doing it. At this point, I can’t help but wonder if she just likes the taste of her nasty old foot.

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